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PEMF Therapy for Tendinitis

Tendinitis is the inflammation of tendons. Tendons are tough, flexible, fibrous bands of tissue that attach muscle to the bone. When you overuse or injure tendons, for example, during sport, your tendons will become inflamed, irritated or suffer microscopic tears.

Tendinitis is a chronic condition, and it is degenerative. It can occur at any age, but it is more common among adults who do a lot of sport. The aged are also susceptible, because their tendons tend to lose elasticity and become weaker with age. Tendinitis often affects the elbow, wrist, finger, thigh, and other parts of your body.


  • Pain on movement
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Weakness
  • Burning sensation
  • Tightness
  • Pain on touch
  • Lumps

Common Causes Include:

  • Sudden injury
  • Repetition of a movement over time

If you are suffering from Tendinitis in the long term, you’d better do treatment as soon as possible, or it can result in a rupture, which may need surgery. If you prefer natural treatment, PEMF therapy is the best choice for you.

PEMF, which is an abbreviation for pulsed electromagnetic fields, is a completely safe and natural form of treatment, proven in countless scientific studies to provide astonishing results. Everyone, everywhere, can benefit from PEMF. Even animals.

PEMF works like magic.

How can PEMF therapy work on Tendonitis?

PEMF is a way of introducing energy into your cells, so your cells can recover from injuries like joint pain and swollen knees, as well as pain from chronic health conditions like Tendonitis.

PEMF therapy not only can recharge the damaged cells to increase their growth, but also improve the tendons function by promoting blood circulation. It can alleviate pain by reducing swelling, regenerating diseased and damaged tissue, and repairing fractured and torn bones and tendons.

Compared to other areas of the body, your tendons have very poor blood supplies, so consequently they have a much reduced oxygen supply. The damaged tendons require enough oxygen to do their job, which means it normally takes a very long time for them to heal. A recent NASA study that found that low intensity and low frequency PEMF, reduced cell regeneration times by up to 75%. There have been numerous clinical trials, proving that this type of PEMF therapy speeds up cell regeneration.

Why choose Big Magic for Tendonitis?

Big Magic, as one of the PEMF devices, is the best choice to help you get rid of chronic pain due to Tendonitis, the gentle pulsed electromagnetic waves in Big Magic will soothe your pain and revitalize you back to health.

Big Magic works by sending very brief magnetic pulses into your joints affected by Tendonitis. These pulses create a low and completely safe frequency of electrical current in your tissues, giving them more energy to repair damage, and stimulate the growth of the cells. Big Magic can soothe joints which ache and vibrate incessantly from chronic pain.

Big Magic is absolutely safe to use, there is no hidden danger through over-use. So you can use it as often as you want. Big Magic copies the natural frequency of the earth, which is called the Schumann resonance. This is a frequency which humans have evolved with, and which your body needs to maintain health.

In addition, the PEMF mat of Big Magic, is flexible and practical. Just place the PEMF mat under the sheet of your bed and lie on it for overnight. You can also wrap it around your leg or other joint parts where you feel pain, then simply turn the unit on and choose the power level which is most comfortable for you. We recommend using the 3-level power for at least 3-4 hours per day.

Come to get your Big Magic and have a try. We are looking forward to your feedback.

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2 thoughts on “PEMF Therapy for Tendinitis

  1. David Hall says:

    I have had a miramate from soon after they came out. However I still do not know if it is working. I do not have a magnet tester and cannot make out if it is charged or not. I do not know if the battery works or if the unit charges up. What is the battery for?
    Also when I press the on/off switch backwards a tiny light just flashes once and that is it. So I am not sure if it works or not. The instructions are good, but do not explain this vey well.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Hi, David Hall. Thank you for your support for MiraMate. When you are charging the MiraMate, you should unload the batteries. What device do you have? Mini Magic or Big Magic? When Which light do you mean? Power LED, Pulsing LED or Breathing LED? Our service lady will contact you ASAP.

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