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PEMF Therapy for Digestive Problems

What comes to your mind when you think of the summer? Maybe the sunshine, beach, ice cream, or surfing. Indeed, summertime can be delightful, but on the other hand, it might cause digestive discomfort in people. We all know that some diseases are more prominent in certain seasons than others. For example, cold, flu, and cough are more common in winter. In summer, as the temperature rises, the digestive system tends to become slower and weaker, leading to dysfunction of the stomach and intestine.

Common digestive disorders include gastroenteritis, heartburn, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome. These are accompanied by symptoms such as stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating of the stomach.

So, how can we maintain smooth digestion during hot weather?

How to avoid digestive problems?

  • Choose healthy foods

Stomach-friendly foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and pulses are nutritious for sustaining your digestive health on track. Also, remember to add fiber to your diet. When your digestion slows down due to the hot temperature in summer, fiber will aid it by keeping the process smooth and easy.

  • Stay hydrated

Drink a lot of water to help balance the loss of body fluids in heat as well as solve digestive issues by improving the absorption of nutrients. You can also drink coconut water to help neutralize the acid levels in your stomach and reduce the heat.

  • Eat small frequent meals

Apart from eating the wrong foods, overeating can also result in indigestion. So always eat in smaller quantities after regular intervals. Doing so will not make you feel hungry and does not put an extra burden on your digestive system.

  • Probiotics

Probiotics contain gut-friendly bacteria that can ease the digestion process and improve health. So, adding yogurt to your diet is a beneficial choice because it is the best source of probiotics.

  • Exercise regularly

Exercise can improve digestion, regulate bowel movement, and strengthen overall well-being. Assign some time weekly to do some aerobics such as yoga, swimming, cycling, running, etc.

Ways to keep your digestive system healthy

How does PEMF therapy benefit your digestive system?

PEMF therapy works at the cellular level to improve the condition of the cells and enhance blood flow, aiming to reduce pain and inflammation while maintaining your overall health and wellness. The gastrointestinal tract is comprised of cells, just like every other part of the body. When PEMF therapy is applied to the gastrointestinal tract, it can help maintain a healthy gut balance and create an environment for cells and microorganisms to prosper. Thus, improving your overall digestive system and helping to activate metabolism.

Use MiraMate Mini Magic to solve digestive problems

MiraMate Mini Magic is one of the most advanced and trusted PEMF devices praised by many customers worldwide. It is painless, effective, and convenient to use.

For digestive problems, we suggest you apply the coils of Mini Magic to your abdomen where you feel uncomfortable. The PEMF frequencies will travel deep down to your stomach and intestines to help solve any digestive issues and relieve pain.

Testimonial from MiraMate User

The Mini Magic is great for pain and healing. As Joe Strothman mentioned, it hasn’t removed all my pains completely, but for me, it has been greatly reduced, and with regular use, I’m thinking it may go away. I’ve had great luck with it for eye issues, headaches, neck pain, knee and back pain, headaches, indigestion, etc. For me, it’s the best thing I’ve ever used that gave results within an hour or so. Plus being portable and reasonably priced, you can go anywhere and do almost anything with it on. I’d recommend for those who buy it to also add the quad coil. The quad is even more effective- you can feel the difference.

I have fibromyalgia and IBS and a few other things that help. For my eyes, I put on a fabric headband (from the cosmetics/hair products area of the department or drug store) and place the coils over my eyes and use the headband around my head to hold them in place. I look super cool when wearing them (lol) but it really helps. For indigestion, I place one just above my navel and one around where I think the top of my stomach is. I’ve even used them at my temples thinking it might help my eyes also. I wear them for about half an hour to hours, but I have fallen asleep with them on. No negative effects that I’ve seen. Good luck!

——Verified Buyer Paula Quenelle

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