MiraMate Summer Sale is Here!

MiraMate Summer Sale

Are you looking for MiraMate’s Summer Sale? Well, congratulations! You are on the right page! It is the first time we are holding a summer sale, and we hope the discounts can help save you more when you purchase. Also, if you are a registered MiraMate member, you can score even bigger savings in our special event during the summer sale!

Time: From 9:00 AM July 4th to 6:00 PM August 5th, 2022 (UTC+8)

Are you looking for ways to relieve minor pain, such as sports injuries? Then check out our Mini Magic, which is perfect for short-term treatments with excellent results. Mini Magic has a magnetic field strength of 200 gausses and a built-in miniature computer that can calculate perfectly timed magnetic pulses, helping your body overcome pain and injury within a short period. Some customers even reported that they felt immediate relief soon after the treatment. Mini Magic is designed to be small and portable, and you can use it anywhere, anytime.

Or do you wish to address your chronic pain issues, such as arthritis, insomnia, and anxiety? Fortunately, Big Magic is good at solving them. The total magnetic field strength of Big Magic is 2,500 gausses. The magnetic flux density is approximately 80 gausses at high power and around 25 gausses at low power. Compared with Mini Magic, the low intensity of Big Magic is more suitable for long-term treatments. Big Magic is safe to use even if you have no health conditions. Put the mat under your sheets before you go to bed, and you will feel much more energized when you wake up in the morning. Purchase Big Magic and save $33.5 right now.

And if you want to get better therapeutic effects, our Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Kit offers both Mini Magic and Big Magic at a much lower price! Don’t worry, the two devices won’t interfere with each other. Ideally, you can use Mini Magic during the day and switch to Big Magic at night. If you decide to get yourself or your family an impressive energy healing system during the summer sale, you can get a “double discount” of $95.75!

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy
  • Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy
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MiraMate Big Magic – Chakra Mat for Health

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MiraMate Mini Magic – Portable Meridian Coils


So, what have we prepared for you in our first MiraMate Summer Sale?

5% off Sitewide
Coupon Code: SUMMER5
Expiry date: August 5th

NOTE: This coupon cannot be used with other coupons at checkout.

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Love our MiraMate products and want to share them with your friends? During our summer sale, you may invite your friends so that they can also enjoy 5% OFF on all items at As they place their orders, you can receive 5,000 points for each friend you invite and save more on your next purchase!

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