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Mini Magic Is Perfect for Eye Treatment

MiraMate Mini Magic is good not just at relieving minor pain but also great at improving eyesight. The single coil is about the right size for your eyes, so you can directly place it over your eyes to treat eye problems. Many users have given good reviews after using Mini Magic on their eyes. Here are some examples.

Feedback 1

My vision, for some reason, was affected by an infection. If I put single coils on, almost like eyeglasses, and give myself a short treatment, my vision clarifies. So, my vision has been improving since I started doing that.

Feedback 2

My mother and I always use this petite-size coil for eye treatment. She has suffered age-related macular, while I have suffered from dry eye. We both place this single coil on our eyes, just like wearing a piece of glass. We are having a good improvement for our eyes, so this single coil is perfect for eye treatment in our cases!

Feedback 3

I put the coils on my eyes, and my vision is obviously clear. There is also an additional surprise: my eye skin is firmer, and my dark circles have also faded a lot.

Feedback 4

I’ve had great luck with Mini Magic for eye issues. I place the coils over my eyes and use a headband around my head to hold them in place. I look super cool when wearing them, and it really helps. I’ve even used them at my temples, thinking it might help my eyes also. I wear them for about half an hour to hours, but I have fallen asleep with them on. No negative effects that I have seen.

Why Choose MiraMate Mini Magic and Big Magic?

Mini Magic is one of the most affordable Low Field Magnetic Stimulation devices on the market, but it is powerful nonetheless. It is portable and easy to use. You can carry it with you to relieve pain anywhere, anytime. The perfectly timed magnetic pulses can help your body overcome injury and illness. Are you looking for safe and effective alternative treatments? Mini Magic is the ideal device for you.

While Mini Magic makes a good starter, many will purchase a Big Magic after seeing positive results. Big Magic has a mat that is suitable for whole-body treatment. Also, you can sleep on it all night without any concerns. Our users like to use Big Magic for energy-boosting sleep.

If you know Low Field Magnetic Stimulation therapy well, we highly recommend the Low Field Magnetic Stimulation kit, which offers both Mini Magic and Big Magic in a bundle at a discounted price.

MiraMate Membership Program

Join the MiraMate membership program today to receive 200 points! After registration, you can earn extra membership points with every purchase, plus many other ways to help you get more points. You can redeem these points for discounts and products later.

If you are interested, click here to learn more about Mini Magic and Big Magic, or join our Facebook group for questions and success stories.

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