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Ileana: I am Such a Believer after Using MiraMate Mini Magic

Recently, we received a video review from a MiraMate customer, Ileana, who had been fighting pain for some time and found no relief until MiraMate.

Watch her video here.

Thanks to Ileana for sharing her story with us.

Ileana’s Story with MiraMate

Ileana had been suffering from excruciating pain for months after an accident. She went to the doctor and tried the usual pain medications, but they did not work at all. Therefore, she did some research and tried some devices that only brought her limited relief. She still could not walk or sleep like before.

Luckily, a friend of hers recommended MiraMate. She did not believe it at first but decided to buy one anyway because she was searching for anything to reduce her pain.

Then, Ileana got a Mini Magic.

To her amazement, she felt better within 3 days of using the device. She used the quad coil on her knees and could walk normally again within a week. And by the end of the second week, she actually forgot about the injury when she started doing more activities around the house. It was almost miraculous. While nothing else had worked, MiraMate has done the impossible.

She also used Mini Magic for her eyes to improve her vision clarity. Since Mini Magic has improved her eyes, she decided to try it on her dog. Her dog had dry eyes and needed to take four different medications daily. She gave him 5 minutes of treatment every day, and his eyes seemed not to dry out as frequently as before. She was very eager to continue doing it and see if he could get better before going to the vet.

PEMF Compared to Traditional Medicine

When Ileana got injured, she tried traditional medicine and failed. So, she turned to PEMF therapy.

Why is PEMF better than traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine uses medications and surgery to treat pain. However, medications enter the body through blood, and since joints lack blood vessels, drugs cannot reach the area very well. PEMF, on the contrary, can work directly on the cellular level, helping repair damaged tissues and accelerate metabolism. When you put the coils on the spot, they start to work immediately. Moreover, drugs have side effects, but PEMF has none. Therefore, PEMF therapy is much safer and more effective than traditional medicine.

Many people claimed to enjoy a pain-free life after using MiraMate devices. If you are troubled by any kind of pain, chronic or acute, you should try MiraMate, just like Ileana. Ileana has gotten herself out of the pain, and so can you. Don’t let pain interfere with your life anymore. You deserve better.

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