How to Use MiraMate Big Magic with Deluxe Mat?

How to Use Big Magic

MiraMate Big Magic is one of the most advanced PEMF devices on the market, specially designed for chronic conditions. Deluxe Mat is our brand new PEMF mat that can work with Big Magic more effectively. The size of the Deluxe Mat is more than twice that of the original PEMF mat. The larger size of Deluxe Mat makes it possible to cover the entire target area for treatment. Deluxe Mat contains a multitude of coils to increase its penetration depth and magnetic field uniformity. These coils are double-layer planar and are comfortable to lie on.

In this blog, we will show you how to use Big Magic with Deluxe Mat for the best therapeutic results.

1. Plug in the power supply
There are two options of connecting Big Magic to power.

Plug the USB power cable provided (or a regular USB cable) into Big Magic. Plug the other end of the cable into a 5v power adapter or USB port.
Big Magic-1
2. Connect the mat
Plug the PEMF mat into Big Magic main unit. Make sure the plug key matches the groove in the socket.
Big Magic-2-1
3. Set to the desired power level and turn on
Use the power level switch to adjust the power level. Level two is the one we recommend. However, if you are sensitive to magnetic fields, you can set to level one.
Big Magic-4
Use the power switch to turn on Big Magic.
Big Magic-5
The power indication light illuminates when Big Magic is connected to power and switched on.
Big Magic-6
Another indication light flashes during treatment.
Big Magic-7
The top “breathing light” can be toggled on and off using the breathing light button.
Big Magic-8
4. Test
Use the coil tester to check the functionality of Big Magic. Place the coil tester on the PEMF mat. Flashing indicates a magnetic field is present. You may need to reposition the tester until it lights.
Big Magic-9
5. Treat
Place the mat under the area you wish to apply PEMF treatments. The suggested treatment time is 3 hours or more. For overnight treatments, place the PEMF mat under your bed sheet.
Big Magic-10
Have you learned how to operate MiraMate Big Magic with Deluxe Mat now?

If you have any questions about MiraMate Big Magic, welcome to comment below.

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