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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long the coils can last?

A: Our coils have been designed to last a very long time. However, they may wear out over time. The lifespan of a coil depends on how it is used. Bending or shaking will stress the coil, and may cause failure. Please check them before each use, using the coil tester provided. Replace the coils if the tester lights no longer flash.

1. We have replacement coil for sale on www.miramate.com
2. The coil tester is shipped with Mini Magic for free.

Q: What power does the Mini Magic use?

A: Mini Magic can be powered by a 5V DC power adapter which is shipped with the device. Or it can be powered by a single 9V battery, allowing users to enjoy the healing anywhere, anytime.

Q: Under which circumstances should Mini Magic not be used?

A: Never use Mini Magic in, near, or around water. The Mini Magic’s powerful magnetic pulses also prohibit its use under the following circumstances:

During Pregnancy
Non-MRI-Safe IUD
People or Animals with Organ Transplants
People or Animals with Pacemakers, Hearing Aids, Medical Pumps, or other Electrical Implants/Devices

NOTE: Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for PEMF use.
If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use Mini Magic.

Q: What is the recommended daily usage time for Mini Magic?

A: Mini Magic is absolutely safe to use – there is no “maximum dosage” or hidden danger through over-use. For acute pain, use for 1-2 hours. For chronic pain, use at least half an hour a day until symptoms improve.

Q: What frequency is Mini Magic running?

A: Scientific studies have found that 9.6 Hz is the ideal frequency for PEMF healing. All the programs in Mini Magic are based on this frequency. However, Mini Magic is not about frequencies, it is about patterns of pulses. Mini Magic has a miniature computer that calculates perfectly timed magnetic pulses, helping your body overcome injury and illness. For more details about this, please check this page: https://www.miramate.com/what-makes-mini-magic-special/

Q: How to place the coils?

A: There are two sides for the coils, one is smooth and the other is bumpy. The coils must always have the smooth side touching your skin. There are three different ways of using the coils.

The first way is to have the coils side by side. This increases the area being treated, but the treatment depth is shallow.

The second way is to have the coils across the treatment area, so the coils face each other. In this way, every part between the coils will be treated.

The third way is to stack them on top of each other. In this way, the bumps of the coils face each other. This is similar to the side by side coils, but the depth is increased.

Q: What is the gauss output of Mini magic?

A: Over 200 gauss strength for the coils.

Q: If I have two painful knees would I have to do one full cycle on each knee or does it work throughout the body from one point of contact?

A: You need to treat one knee at a time, or you can use two machines to treat each knee at the same time.

Q: I am wondering if metals in the body are a factor in the use of the Mini Magic.

A: Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for PEMF use. If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use Mini Magic.

Q: How long is a treatment cycle?

A: A full cycle of programs takes about 30 mins.