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Mira Mate’s Mini Magic makes miracles Bursitis in Leg

For over a year my feet have hurt. Then I noticed pain in my outer thigh and low back. I felt I needed a good chiropractor visit. Last summer the chiro gave a whole body adjustment. He said my leg pain was bursitis and my foot was planter fasciitis due to wearing improper shoes with no support (flip flops). He gave little hope the pain would ever go away.

I went to a support shoe store and tried on 30 styles and brands of shoes and purchased 3.

The high arch support shoes brought relief to my feet but the bursitis sharp pain continued.

Not only do I have bursitis in my upper outer thigh but I had knots developing down the leg into my knee and into my hip and low back. I have a physical job and thought I would have to change careers. But now I have hope.

Mira Mate’s Mini Magic arrived. Some nights I use the Mini Magic when I first go to bed for 3-4 hours on my thigh or low back.

This takes the pain away for 3 days. I am noticing the knots disappearing as well. As an added bonus, it is helping the minor pain if varicose veins.

Its great to be active without the pain again! At first it was 1 day of relief but the more I use it, it seems to be extending the time I need it. I am very much loving the mobility of the Mini Magic. I clip the base to my pants or put in a pocket while the coils are strapped to my leg and go anywhere with it. To the store, sleep with it or go anywhere in my house.

Thank you Mira Mate in designing this great product and making miracles happen!!!

Suzi Smith

My first experiences with the Mini Magic

Working for many hours in front of a computer, as I do every day, can be very stressful. Without your noticing, stay still while you write and draw, regardless of your posture.

But over time the consequences become evident. Thus begins a pain in the neck that becomes unbearable and that takes you throughout the day, without respite.

But since I have my Mini Magic, these problems have disappeared! I apply the two coils on the shoulder, I electrically power the Mini Magic from the USB port of my computer, and finally I can work without interruption and without pain!

I’m sure it will help me 100 other times, above all because I will be able to use it also in the car, thanks to the USB power supply that now have all the cars.

The Mini Magic, thanks to the technology with which it was designed and the fact that you can take it anywhere, is a great invention!

Marcello Allegretti

Mini Magic is one of my top strategies for releasing pain, yes quite amazing.

I have a testimony… few weeks ago was traveling… and I stepped out of vehicle wrong… I suddenly had a massive leg cramp charlie horse… like all the muscles were about to snap in my leg. I grabbed the Mini Magic, turned it on…and scanned my leg up and down with pemf coils (they were taped together) Usually when this happens to me my leg constricts and spasms for usually 20-30 minutes of intense pain, like screaming 10/10 pain. Well I grabbed the pemf coils and ran it up and down my leg, and setting it on pain points. I think my leg turned to normal in about sixty seconds. I could not believe it, in total shock. I now carry Mini Magic with me 24/7 just in case this happens to me again. I have CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome) neuropathy, my body is always doing pain things. I think at moment Mini Magic is one of my top strategies for releasing pain, yes quite amazing.

Chaffee Cline

My pain has reduced by 50% and still getting better.

I thought I would share my very first experience with MiraMate’s Mini Magic. I have chronic late stage lyme and now have arthritis in my thumbs and wrists which is debilitating it comes and goes but mostly always really painful can hardly text, open jars etc, since I’ve had the Mini Magic my pain has reduced by 50% and still getting better, I use it for half an hour daily on my thumbs and wrists and it makes a huge difference just wanted to share. Thanks for this great portable pain relief.

Debra O'Connell

I am grateful for this fantastic instrument and am recommending it to others!

Four weeks ago I took a fall and hurt my back severely.

The pain was intense and the muscle tension released very slowly. I couldn’t carry much more than the weight of a gallon of water at a time.

Last weekend, I attended a 2 day meeting in another state that required me to fly for 5 hours.

I had to use a carry on luggage with rollers, as I couldn’t carry the weight of my laptop in a shoulder bag.

I had to ask other passengers to carry my bag for my through the plane and lift it into the overhead.

During the conference, I used the Mini Magic for the full day, as I could easily plug it into a USB port and hide it discretely under my jacket, while working and taking notes.

To my great surprise, the next day felt 90% better! The pain had almost completely subsided, only a small discomfort and tension was left.

When I flew back, I could now carry my suitcase myself, even up and down stairs.

I just asked for help with the overhead storage, as I didn’t want to take a risk.

Before the conference, I could hardly carry a gallon of water.

After a day with the Mini Magic, I carried my carry on luggage and a shoulder bag.

Before, I would have had spasms and pain after carrying this weight, after, I felt very little effects.

I am grateful for this fantastic instrument and am recommending it to others!

Ingrid Dinter

Mini Magic has a Thumbs up from me!

I have 3 daughters, my youngest is 2 yrs old and this is who I used it on.

For about 1 wk now, my daughter has been waking up at night complaining of foot pain on her left foot. She is a very active 2 yr old, always running around with her sisters. She loves to run around in my kitchen area with no socks, barefeet on the wooden floor.

I noticed that when she was running, her foot would slap on the floor very loud because it was a bit swollen from her constant running. We tried to put socks on her, sneakers, but she kept taking it all off.

Anyway, Mini Magic came and that evening about 1 hour before bedtime, I put her on the couch with me and held the coils on her foot. One on the top and one on the bottom. I tested the 3 modes and I saw a positive reaction from her when I put it on the 3rd mode. I had to hold them there the whole time because she wouldn’t let me wrap her foot with them on. I feel she felt relief in the area because she let me hold them on her for over ten mins without any movement and it seemed she liked what she felt from it. During the time of holding them on her, the swelling in her foot came down a lot.

That night, she slept through the whole night without waking up. Mini Magic has a Thumbs up from me! I saw instant come down in swelling and positive reaction to pain relief. I also have been doing 10 min sessions on myself before bed time. more for rejuvenation, but will report back when my pain issues come up.

Michael Rinaldi

The pain disappeared within 30 minutes of use of the Mini Magic.

I have had ongoing foot/arch pain for 6 months. The pain disappeared within 30 minutes of use of the Mini Magic. I use it every day so hoping that in a week the results will be permanent.

Monika Ruth