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Why Choose Magic Pro: See What Our Users Say

Recently we received a detailed and extensive review from Chaffee, a devoted MiraMate customer who has been using our products for a long time. He has been using MiraMate products constantly to improve his health and quality of life. With the release of Magic Pro, it is no surprise that Chaffee was one of the first to embrace it. What did Chaffee say about Magic Pro? Let us take a look.

Chaffee’s Story with MiraMate Magic Pro

Chaffee absolutely loves PEMF therapy and MiraMate PEMF products. Although MiraMate PEMF has been remarkable for his overall wellness, Magic Pro still pleasantly surprised him.

Pain relief is one of the most significant benefits he has personally experienced. Chaffee suffers from chronic pain due to his work and old injury. However, the gentle pulse of Magic Pro helped promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and alleviate pain in targeted areas. Magic Pro can effectively relieve his chronic pain.

In addition, Magic Pro helped improve his circulation. After a period of use, Chaffee noticed an improvement in blood flow and enhanced oxygenation of the body. His wounds also healed more quickly.

Chaffee also shared that Magic Pro reduced his inflammation. Not surprisingly, Magic Pro could alleviate even the most hard-to-manage inflammation, such as peripheral neuropathy. It allowed him to experience greater comfort and mobility.

Another notable benefit is an increase in energy levels. With consistent use of Magic Pro, Chaffee felt more rejuvenated and revitalized. He was thrilled that he could perform physical exercises and mental tasks with enthusiasm and focus much more efficiently than before.

Last but not least, Chaffee was amazed at the overall well-being improvements resulting from Magic Pro. It has given him a sense of balance and harmony. The relaxation and stress reduction during the treatment made him more calm and peaceful.

That is why Chaffee highly recommends MiraMate Magic Pro to anyone who wants to improve their well-being.

What Other Customers Are Saying

Feedback 1

“Since the first time I laid on my Magic Pro Mat and listened to the music, I felt so relaxed that my body seemed very light, and I could feel every sensation, like pleasant waves running through my body, flushing out negativity. Every day, I can’t wait to lie down on the mat to feel this sensation of wellness once again.”


Feedback 2

“Yesterday, my son had a bad and painful back, so I put him on the Magic Pro Mat and ran the general healing and pain relief. He went to bed expecting to come home from work the next day. But the next morning: no pain, no stiff back. Like magic, Magic PRO!”

— Dan E.

Why Choose Magic Pro

Safe and natural analog PEMF technology

MiraMate Magic Pro is a top-notch audio PEMF device that utilizes analog PEMF technology to provide a more natural pulsed electromagnetic field. It can supply your entire body with natural energy and enhance your overall well-being using a full-size and foldable mat.

Address various health issues

Just as Chaffee mentioned, MiraMate Magic Pro not only aids in relieving pain, improving blood circulation, and reducing inflammation but also assists in restoring health and vitality. Additionally, it effectively promotes better sleep, alleviates discomfort, and helps overcome emotional problems.

Easy to use

Magic Pro is designed for easy operation. With just the touch of a button, you can initiate your journey towards reclaiming energy balance. Simply lie on the mat, and you can receive the treatment.


Magic Pro is an ideal solution for achieving harmony between your physical and mental well-being, allowing you to tap into a range of potential benefits for your overall health. And since the launch of Magic Pro, we have received a lot of love and praise from our customers. If you are struggling with health issues, why not give Magic Pro a try to restore energy balance? You deserve it.

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