Where to Direct LFMS Devices for Best Results?

Where to Direct Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Devices

In order to get the most benefits from the Chakra improving devices you purchased, you need to know where to direct them. In this blog, we will show you the most suitable position of Chakra improving applicators with Mini Magic and Big Magic as examples.

1. Direct the Chakra improving devices towards the pain areas

Generally, you just need to direct your Chakra improving devices towards the lesion regions.

If you have serious arthritis, put the applicator on joint parts where you feel pain.



If you have a headache, you can place the applicator close to your head.



There are three different options for positioning the Mini Magic coils. You can place the coils side by side, have the coils across the treatment areas, or stack them on top of each other.

three options

For sprained ankles, we would recommend placing the coils like this.


For wrist pain, you can place the coils like this.


For back pain, you can place the coils side by side.


The coils must have the smooth side touching your skin.


Please keep the applicator as close to your body as possible to ensure proper penetration of affected tissues.

2. Figure out the source of your health conditions to place the applicator

Sometimes, you should figure out the source of your health conditions and place the applicator such as mats or coils on the injury areas. For sciatic pain, you may feel pain in legs but the symptoms originate from the damage in the lower back or spine. In such cases, we recommend directing Chakra improving treatment towards the source of the injury. It is necessary to figure out the root cause of the problems so that you can apply Chakra improving devices properly.

back and spine

3. Direct the Chakra improving devices for whole body treatment

If you do not just treat one specific condition but more for general health maintenance, you can choose whole-body treatment. Place a Chakra improving mat under a thin sheet and lie on it for overnight treatment. Chakra improving can target your body at a cellular level to stimulate cell metabolism and improve your overall health.

whole body treatment

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