VUV Light Therapy

VUV Light Therapy for Fungal Skin Infections

VUV Light Therapy for Fungal Skin Infections

Fungal skin infections are common skin conditions caused by fungi, including ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, nail fungus, etc. Fungi usually thrive in a warm and moist environment, so fungal skin infections are most likely to develop in sweaty or damp areas of the body, such as feet, armpit, groin, and folds of skin. Fungal skin infections might cause irritation, scaly skin, redness, itching, swelling, blisters, etc.

Most fungal skin infections are typically not serious and non-life-threatening, but people may find them embarrassing and annoying. What’s more, some fungal skin infections are highly contagious. If you are seeking a safe and non-invasive treatment for fungal skin infections, VUV light therapy is the best choice.

How Does VUV Light Therapy Work for Fungal Skin Infections?

Fungal skin infections are spread through direct contact. This can include coming into contact with fungi on the human body, animals, or on clothing and other items. The photon energy of VUV light is very high, so it can kill the fungi living on the skin and items effectively. In this way, VUV light therapy may stop fungal skin infections from spreading to other parts of the body or being passed to someone else.

VUV photons set off a chemical reaction to create nitric oxide and ozone within cells and tissues. The actual therapeutic effects of nitric oxide depend on the amounts generated and the local concentrations achieved. VUV light therapy, proven to create proper nitric oxide, can kill fungi effectively without damaging normal skin cells. Most Fungi families can be inhibited and destroyed by exposure to ozone. With the fungicidal effects of ozone, VUV light therapy can manage the symptoms of fungal skin infections and get rid of them gradually.

The treatment with antifungal chemical agents usually has side effects, in particular, when these chemicals are used for the long term. Thus, the search for suitable alternatives to these drugs has been going on. Fortunately, VUV light therapy is very safe. The dead skin on the human body can absorb VUV radiation almost completely. Therefore, VUV will not harm healthy skin cells. So far there are no known side effects and complications associated with VUV light therapy.

Why Choose Flash to Help Fungal Skin Infections?

Flash is the most advanced VUV light therapy device on the market, which has been reported to help fungal skin infections with success.

“Flash is helping me clear up my Candida fungal outbreak on the skin of my neck more quickly. The outbreak is about 4″ x 2″ now. It started at 2″ x 1″. Adding Flash twice a day, 20 flashes at level 4, has stopped the expansion and begun the improving.” Malcolm shared.

“About 3 weeks ago I started using the flash on toe fungus and am happy to note that new nail is growing in with the normal white color. It’s very thrilling to see positive improving changes so soon with a problem that I’ve had for years!” Thomas said.

“For a fungus between the toes, it worked fantastically. Looked bad, white and raw with skin peeling. After a few treatments, looks much much better. Skin looks much more normal.” Cindy told us.

Word of mouth is priceless and results speak for themselves! Flash is possibly the best choice for people who are experiencing fungal skin infections.

In addition to effectiveness and safety, the affordable price may also be an important factor that makes Flash one of the most outstanding and popular light therapy devices. To help more people enjoy a better and healthier life, we did plenty of researches and focused on reducing development costs without compromising performance. Thus, Flash applies the external shell of an existing intense pulse light unit. Expensive and exotic components are required to produce VUV light which is the key to help fungal skin infections. The special glass lens costs over $100, and only one manufacturer in the world is able to make the flash tube to our specifications.

Flash is very convenient and easy to use. Simply put on the protection glasses, turn on the device, and flash on your infected areas. Flash can be added to your daily treatment plan. It is recommended to start with 10 flashes at power level 5, then add more consecutive flashes gradually.

If you or a loved one has bothered with fungal skin infections, Flash is just what you need to improve the quality of life.

It’s time to get your own Flash!

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