Ray Gun Amazing for Scabies

Ray Gun Amazing for Scabies

I had a break out of these raised red very itchy bumps… and some of them coalesced together to form plaques. A couple of biopsies were done by a dermatologist… the result was “dermal hypersensitivity”…. and the derm said most likely caused by a mite infestation, scabies. So I passed on the prescription that they wanted to give me…. which was permethrin…(toxic insecticide) I was using the Ray Gun on the bumps and the plaques. I was doing the angle mode for one to three minutes. Within the first time I used the Ray Gun on any of these numerous itchy bumps…the first thing I noticed was that they became flat…no longer raised. And they were no longer itching. I continued to work on these bumps to make sure the scabies were done. And the plaques started to decrease back to normal skin. I still continue to use the Ray Gun when I feel that I may have gotten a new bite. …yes, I have been very vigilant about washing my bedding, my dog’s bedding and my dogs, and , my clothes.

Another thing that happened… not sure if it was a bite, or a wart that suddenly appeared on the heel of my hand (by the thumb). It was a very tender, almost painful raised bump. So I started using the Ray Gun on that particular bump. I used the contact mode (straight on) for about 4 minutes four times the first day…by the second day, I continued three times for 4 minutes each. By the end of the second day, a pus filled head formed, which I knocked off…. and it healed very quickly after that with no need to use the Ray Gun on that bump.

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