Mini Magic Multi Magical Results

This is the most versatile healing device around with many ways to heal, restore and bring hope for many ailments. Been using Mini Magic for over a year, below are my stories of great results.

1. I was in Mexico in 2018 seeing a doctor, noticed doctor’s hand were shaking like he had Parkinson’s, I asked him if we wanted to try a device I had in car to help him with his shaking, he said yes. I brought mini magic to Dr. who was in his mid sixties. I put coils one on top of each hand, within 10 minutes hand shaking stopped considerably, he couldn’t believe it. Asked me where he could get device, gave him info. I also thanked him for giving me the opportunity to see for my eyes how mini magic helps with Parkinson’s since I use it for other issues.

2. I work in sales all day, driving around seeing customers all day long and sometimes multi tasking could be stressful. To combat that now I bring mini magic with me to work. I wrap coils in between shirt button like instructed on mira mate website and it relaxes me all day long. It’s a feeling of peace and calmness that I have never experienced before where nothing bothers me at all, it also keeps my heart feeling balanced along with my mind.

3. Been battling Achilles & shin splints issues for years due to playing a lot of racquetball and basketball in my younger years, all the stopping and going has put a lot of stress on my feet. I tried foot massages and other therapy but nothing worked, until one day a thought came to me to put on mini magic coils on my ankles, one coil on each side of left leg. I put coils on left foot first night, one on each side of left ankle. I couldn’t believe the instant results on left foot. Next night I put on coils on right foot, one coil on each side of ankle and same great results, both of my feet, Achilles feel better. Then I put on coils on shin splints all day long on each leg as I was working and both shin splints feel better. Now I.m running a& walking gain with no pain or discomfort.

4. I have 3 mini magic units & one big magic. My mom uses big magic on her back every night, I turn it on for her every night when she goes to bed and it has done wonders on her back and sleep. She’s 89 years old and she also uses it on her head, hands & knees when she gets pain. Now I have her place a coil on each side of her breasts by inserting coils between her bra & breasts, this has helped her with her high blood pressure, her doctor could not believe her blood pressure had come down to almost normal, so her doctor took her off blood pressure pills for now . She has her monitored her blood pressure daily in a chart for 30 days to see if she will be okay without blood pressure med. This is exciting since now I don’t have to worry about side effects of BP pills.

Thank you mini magic, this is a phenomenal device at a very affordable price.

Many Blessings,