Flash helping with Candida Fungus

I am 70, retired, with no ‘medical’ experience. I have always preferred and followed ‘natural health’ practices. Over the last few years my Candida overgrowth has twice flared up causing Candida fungus breakouts on my skin. Not long ago a third serious breakout began. The breakout began as a 1″ x 2″ patch on my neck. With the other two breakouts getting them cleared up required using several types of treatments for four or five months. The breakout on my neck, as with other breakouts, expanded day by day and had reached a size of 2″ x 4″ when my Flash arrived. I started slowly testing Flash on healthy skin first with one flash at level one and over two days getting up to several flashes at level 5. On the second day I began using a few flashes at level one on the Candida outbreak. Over the last week I have built up to 20 flashes at level 4 twice a day. At this level combined with what I was already doing the expansion of the breakout has stopped with only one small additional patch developing. The main patch and smaller patch of Candida are healing now. I am continuing to use Flash for treatment along with essential oils and occasionally hydrogen peroxide for clean-up and treatment. Of course I am being very careful with my diet and drink plenty of water. With the progress I am seeing with Flash I expect the patches of Candida fungus will be gone in two more weeks or so. That will be about four weeks of using Flash. That is much quicker than I have experienced in the past. At level 4 I begin feeling warmth at about 10 flashes. At one point I had been doing 30 flashes at level 3 and with a bit of testing found 20 flashes at level 4 is working better for me. I am glad I decided to follow my intuition and try Flash.