I will relate some smaller successes that have had great impacts.

Toenail Fungus

Instead of one big success story, I will relate some smaller successes that have had great impacts. I have had my Ray Gun for just over a month.

First one. I should have taken pictures! I have a friend who is diabetic and very obese. He had an open sore in the crease of his leg that would not heal. I used the Ray Gun in the angle mode on the sore for two minutes three days in a row last week. He asked me today to take a look at it to see if it was any better. It is completely healed! No scab. No redness. No scar forming. Just gone! I kept looking in the leg crease because I thought maybe I was not looking in the right place. Nada. I am amazed.

Second one. This picture was taken of the toes of my diabetic friend. His big toenail was completely black and very thick (likely nail fungus). The ends of the rest of his toes were black as well. This picture was taken after five two-minute treatments. I will try to update as we continue treatments over the next few weeks.
Third one – Last night I decided to see if the Ray Gun would fade an area of darker skin pigment (age spot). The age spot was in the center of a bruise that I had gotten moving a cattle panel earlier in the day. Imagine my surprise this morning when I looked at my arm! The age spot has faded a minimal amount. However, you can actually see where the Ray Gun was in the middle of the bruise. I will clean up the rest of the bruises on my arm this evening.
Age Spot
I am so excited to see the other possibilities using the Ray Gun!

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