I strongly recommend Mini Magic for anyone to receive faster and improved healing and health!

Mini Magic for Pain Relief

I have been using Mini Magic since they were first released, and have lent it out to many friends who have injured themselves in different ways.

The first was my kid’s school teacher who had broken her wrist … she used it every day for 2 weeks and found huge improvement with pain and also the faster healing time.

The next was a friend whose son broke a few vertebrae and had to wear a cast around his upper torso. He found that is helped reduce the pain, and also surprised the doctor with his fast improvement … but while the son wasn’t using the MiniMagic, his wife used it on her hands and were amazed at how effective it was to treat arthritis in both of her hands. She witnessed great relief from it – and has since bought a couple of Mini Magic devices for himself and family.

The latest was a friend who broke both the Fibula & Tibia in his leg after a motorcycle accident, and had to get screws and plates put in his leg. He recognized the instant improvements, both pain relief and rapid healing, that he decided that he wasn’t going to give it back and gave me money to buy myself a new one which I just recently have!

It is great that it is so small that you can easily sleep in bed with it beside you, receiving the healing benefits from it all night.

I strongly recommend this for anyone – even just to have as a backup for if/when you, your family members or friends have an accident and want to receive faster and improved healing and health!