Great Coils.

Peace be upon Yours All.
The Aim to tell my story is, to win some quad Coils, because they are so powerful in combination with the Spooky2 Central System.
Two days ago, i had a lot of work in the garden, it´s already colder and my body has to tune in. Yesterday morning i woke up and felt my old spine prolaps in the hight of my chest. The pain increased. In the late afternoon i placed the single coils on my back. They slided down from my neck between the cloths to the place i needed them, started with the portable device the session and did my work. After some time, i felt already the healing effect. Over the last night, i used the Quad Coils in combination with the SC (Spooky2 Central). Now this morning, i got up and feel great. That is not the first time, Of course after a long time use, they will ware off, so i would be happy to win a set.
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** Ali **