I Have Many Strategies With Ray Gun.

Ray Gun

I have many strategies with Ray Gun. I have this on my bed, and ready to go 3x’s a day. I use it around 10 to 30 minutes a session. I hold the ray gun on skin from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, I time sessions with smartphone clock app.

My top health recovery updates.
1. Pain Vanishes. I have pain condition called CRPS or RSD it is classed as the most painful chronic pain condition that is known. After my Ray Gun session, my pain level drops quite drastically; and I feel very good, very calm and can say I become very peaceful, blissed out and pain free.

2. I have had crawling sensation on my face for years. This condition is also Morgellons and or Delusional Parasitosis. I have noticed that this has also disappeared, and am very happy about this. I have known many who have ended their lives because they could not stop these crawling sensations, if only they had this device to end their suffering.

3. I have had a sweat gland on face for around five years, that turned into a sore that would not heal. A few sessions of the ray gun and it has now started to vanish this is quite astonishing to see, especially after many failed, expensive visits to skin specialists.

4. I recently cut my leg and the ray gun not only cauterized wound, also stopped the pain. The accelerated rate of wound healing was quite amazing one of those things have to see it to believe it.

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