A Precancerous Skin Lesion Diminished After Flash Treatment

A Precancerous Skin Lesion Diminished After Flash Treatment

I am currently treating my friend who has a pre-cancerous lesion just under her eye. Blood tests have shown there is no cancer in the body. It looks like a flat brown mole and has been changing shape and color, so she has been concerned.

So far she has had 4 treatments with the flash. We started with 10 flashes and add one extra flash each day (I’m working up to 20 flashes). After the first treatment, she noticed the white bit in the middle had gone by the next day. Each time I see her the lesion is fading in color. It was quite brown when I first saw her, it is now quite pale in color. So much so that her friends are commenting, and it’s only been 4 days! I think it will soon be gone.


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