What effect does PEMF have on the body?

PEMF Therapy promotes natural healing in your body as it’s modeled after the earth’s own electromagnetic pulse. It’s works by running a low frequency electrical current through a copper coil. This then creates a magnetic field which targets your body at a cellular level to stimulate cell metabolism.

It recharges the cells of your body, to combat the Rouleaux effect and make your blood cells flow freely. This maximizes the ability of your blood cells to perform their tasks when they travel in your capillaries to your body’s organs.

It also increases their surface area to enhance circulation, oxygenation and hydration. At the same time cellular ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins from your body is greatly increased.

This causes a chain of responses in the body, leading to improved health without the harmful side effects commonly associated with prescription drugs.

Your vital organs like your lungs, liver, intestines and kidneys are able to work at optimal levels as they get enough oxygen and nutrients, and toxic waste is removed.

In addition to this, your mitochondria can work at an optimum level, as they’ll be in an aerobic environment with enough oxygen to create 38 ATP for each molecule of sugar you consume.

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