One thought on “I wonder if it would also help those with Essential Tremor.

  1. Dave Clark says:

    For years i have owned the SomaPulse, which is a similar type unit like the MiniMagic. One of the big challenges is the wraps to hold the coils in place. I would like to see MiraMate design and sell different type of wraps for the MiniMagic coils for various body areas. Maybe even design in pockets of some sort that would keep the coils in place and prevent them from moving around. For most users of this portable type unit, coil placement, etc. is the biggest problem, next to maybe the coils not lasting long. I know we can all go out and buy these wraps at medical supply places, but i think it would be neat to have you design a wrap that had a way to secure the coils. Might take some ingenuity, but my thought of slots, or pocket type areas around the wrap would be a good prototype. Thanks for listening.

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