Understanding Cold Laser Therapy

Pulsed Wave Cold Lasers vs. Continuous Wave Cold Lasers

Cold Lasers

With the development of laser technology, cold lasers have the ability to be turned on to form a continuous wave or can be turned on and off to form a pulsed wave. MiraMate Joint Aid is a cold laser therapy device specially designed for joint issues. There are two adjustable modes, including “Pulse output mode” and “Continuous output mode”. In this blog, we will talk about the continuous wave cold lasers and pulsed wave cold lasers used in MiraMate Joint Aid.

Continuous wave cold lasers are best for pain control. In order to achieve this, you need to get the maximum power into the tissue to saturate the problem areas with non-thermal photons and trigger an inhibitory response. In this way, patients can get the highest level of pain reduction safely and naturally. With continuous wave cold lasers, patients can leave the office feeling better, instantly.

Pulsed wave cold lasers are better for healing and reducing inflammation. Generally, pulsed wave cold lasers can lower the photon density and be used to stimulate the body in a gentle way, because the cold lasers are off some of the time. At the same time, they can trigger a stronger reaction within the cells that is better for promoting long term healing. The patients usually get some pain control and start to feel a difference the day after their treatment. However, the main benefit of pulsed wave cold lasers here is long term healing. The more treatments you have, the stronger and more permanent the effect. In many cases, the problem may be permanently resolved.

Some patients apply cold laser therapy to relieve pain and resume daily activities. For others, fixing the root of the problems is the goal. If you value flexibility, and your budget allows, a cold laser therapy device like MiraMate Joint Aid that can support both continuous wave cold lasers and pulsed wave cold lasers, is the best choice.

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