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PEMF Therapy: Your Natural Analgesic for Nerve Pain

Can you sometimes feel a sudden, needle-like sensation or numbness in your body?

Have you ever become very sensitive to coldness or touch?

If your answers are yes, it might be possible that you have nerve pain, which is not commonly considered a severe health condition these days. However, as we are more aware of our own body and mental health, more and more studies have been focused on what causes nerve pain and how to relieve the symptoms naturally.

The Causes of Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a type of pain caused by impairment or injury to the nerves. Indeed, nerves are not just located in our brains but are spread all around our bodies, for example, in the organs, arms, legs, fingers, and toes. Therefore, severe symptoms of nerve pain may limit your motions and cause trouble and inconvenience in your daily life from time to time.

Apart from a malfunctioning nervous system, other causes of nerve pain include poor blood supply to the nerves, diabetes, cancer and its related treatment, stroke, etc.

Some patients with nerve pain tend to be sleepless at night, and others may experience anxiety and depression.

Natural Ways to Relieve Nerve Pain

Living with nerve pain can be a long battle to fight. In addition to painkillers, many self-treatments can help prevent further complications and trigger our bodies’ natural pain relief.

Here are some general health tips to relieve nerve pain:

Exercise. And it does have to be a challenging aerobics exercise. Activities as simple as walking can provide relief to your symptoms because they promote blood circulation to the legs and feet, nourishing damaged nerves back to health.

Warm bath. We always enjoy having a warm bath after a tiring day, especially during the cold weather. Warm water temporarily increases blood flow in our body and effectively helps ease stress. However, make sure to measure the water temperature before stepping in.

Good habits always play a vital role in controlling the symptoms and helping us maintain a healthy body. They are good, but not good enough. And this is when PEMF therapy becomes a handy tool in relieving nerve pain.

Advantages of MiraMate PEMF Therapy Devices

MiraMate has two PEMF therapy devices, Mini Magic and Big Magic.

MiraMate Mini Magic is a portable PEMF device with no side effects, relieving you from acute pain anytime, anywhere. It fits perfectly into your daily activities and provides instant relief whenever you experience a sudden, stabbing pain.

In addition, MiraMate Big Magic provides comforting frequencies overnight to relieve insomnia and depression caused by nerve pain. The Big Magic mat can cover a large area of your body, and you can directly lie on it while sleeping. In the meantime, the frequencies will repair damaged cells and tissues, and improve blood circulation and metabolism, making you feel refreshed and energized the next day.

Testimonial from MiraMate User

What it does is relaxes and calm my body. It seems to unwind the tight and tense muscles and nerves. It also seems to help the medicine I have taken at night to take effect more quickly when using the mat versus not using the mat. It is as if the energy from the device flows through the core of my body and penetrates the nerves and muscles along my spine.

– Suzi Smith

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