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PEMF Therapy for Sinuses

Sinuses is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinus, which are usually caused by the common cold, allergic rhinitis, nasal polyps, and etc.

PEMF therapy is a very important tool for sinuses since it’s non-invasive and drug-free. If you prefer natural treatment to medicine for sinuses, PEMF therapy is one of the best treatment that you can choose.

How can PEMF therapy work for Sinuses?

Healthy sinuses are filled with air but sinusitis sufferer’s nose is blocked and filled with fluid. PEMF therapy can eliminate nasal congestion allowing you to breathe easier and get more oxygen to the brain, which will make you feel more awake and refreshed.

Not many people know that untreated sinus inflammation can spread to the brain, which is the last thing you want. PEMF therapy can reduce sinus inflammation by increasing blood flow to deliver enough nutrients and oxygen to your sinus. Also, good circulation can accelerate cell repair process and new cells regrowth, which naturally restores your sinus to a normal condition, stops the further spread of inflammation and avoids severe inflammation in your brain.

Why choose Big Magic to help with Sinuses?

Big Magic is a PEMF device, with a special PEMF Mat to apply the healing magnetic pulses. You can place it underneath your pillows for overnight treatment to treat your sinuses.

Most mats that are on the market only apply a single pulse and in the same direction, so if you have overnight treatment for your sinuses, the cells and your body recharged in one direction won’t be neutralized, which would give your whole nose more pressure instead. Big Magic is bidirectional, so it can keep our body polarity neutral and healthy.

The waveform produced by PEMF Mat is much shorter than most other PEMF devices on the market. Because it’s so short, it can penetrate the cells and do actions on cells directly. So it can faster improve the blood flow of your sinus and then reduce your sinus inflammation.

The pulse waveform gets sharp edges, which is another requirement for successful treatments, and because it’s helping charge our body and making you feel more energized. The pulse waveform gets sharp edges, which is another requirement for successful treatments, and because it’s helping charge our body and making you feel more energized. For those who have suffered from serious sinuses, headaches, arthritis and so on, it’s amazing to face the day with more vigor.

What’s more, the frequency that the Big Magic applies to the body is a natural human resonance. So it’s not putting anything foreign or artificial to our body. It is pure natural.

If you’re suffering from sinuses for a long time, you would need consistent, daily therapy. Our PEMF device Big Magic is your best choice.

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4 thoughts on “PEMF Therapy for Sinuses

  1. John Caplinger says:

    What setting or frequency for sinus? I own a mid size miranate mat.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Hi,the frequency is fixed. And I recommend you run on the low power level for sinuses and go for the medium power level after using it for a few days.

  2. Katrina Cabral says:

    Which device is best for Alzheimer’s or TBI?

    1. MiraMate says:

      Dear friend, we will recommend Big Magic for Alzheimer’s or TBI. Big Magic is fantastic for charging your cells and it’s excellent for people who are suffering from chronic pain due to a past injury or a health condition, which can soothe your pain and revitalize you back to health. After using it overnight, you’ll feel more energized when you wake up and can face the day with more vigor. In a word, Big Magic is really the best choice for your daily life and health.

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