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New Product Released: Big Magic

We are very happy and proud to announce the release of our new MiraMate Big Magic.

Big Magic is a new Chakra improving device, with a special mat to apply the improving magnetic pulses. Big Magic has been optimized for long treatments. A natural frequency is sent to your body, nurturing your cells and restoring your body to good health. The frequencies are regularly reversed, so your body maintains equilibrium, and doesn’t become magnetically charged.

The mat of Big Magic is flexible and practical. You can place it under the sheets of your bed. It’s long enough to cover your entire spine if you have a back injury. Or you can wrap it around your leg or other body parts where you feel pain.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain due to a past injury or ongoing health condition, the gentle pulsed electromagnetic waves in Big Magic will soothe your pain and revitalize you back to health.

Even if you have no health condition, our Chakra improving range is wonderful for charging your cells. You can use your Chakra improving unit while you sleep, and wake with more energy and vigor.

We have a special offer for existing MiraMate users; a $50 discount coupon code, redeemable when you order Big Magic.

Coupon CodevK5pFEg7vGUj

Order Big Magic, and witness for yourself the magical relief it can provide from chronic pain. Your journey to good health can begin today.

Please note:
1. The coupon is valid until November 29, 2018
2. Each coupon can only be used once.
3. Redeem the coupon online before proceeding to checkout.

Simply click on the order link below. We will ship Big Magic to you the following business day.

3 thoughts on “New Product Released: Big Magic

  1. Sharyn Peacocke says:

    BIG MAGIC by MiraMate has already proved magical for me! On the first night after receiving it I slept with the mat under my sheet. I relaxed as soon as I lay on it, fell asleep almost immediately, had a great night’s sleep, and woke up the next morning feeling incredibly energized. True story!

    Since then, apart from a very few nights, I’ve slept with the BIG MAGIC mat under a lightweight mattress topper, and yet have still experienced positive results. I did not expect the increase in metabolism that has resulted, and yet that’s definitely what is happening.

    Later I was told PEMF is known to increase cellular metabolism. Consequently, I’m thinking BIG MAGIC may be really useful for people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (one of my past issues), and I’m also wondering if it would be good for weight management given how I felt after the very first use.

    One way or the other, I’m very happy with BIG MAGIC and hope others will feel likewise.

    1. Luis Ferreira says:

      Sharyn, how thick is the mattress topper?

  2. Jeff Kaczor says:

    I’ve been using this for the last few weeks and can tell you it is a game changer for me. I am usually sleeping on it with it under my pillow inside the pillow case. It fits a queen size pillow very well. I tried it also on top of the pillow inside the pillow case, and it is very strong in this configuration. I am also in the scalar field with my units 70 feet or so apart to cover the entire house for those who asked if you can use them together.

    I sleep better and wake with a very loose neck compared to when I do not turn it on. It is helping to release some very old misalignments in my neck like I just finished seeing a chiropractor. I have had great benefit to using the mini-magic and the quad coils on my neck, but this is far far more effective and easier to use while sleeping. I find both to be very usable depending my needs.

    My initial test I had the pad running down my spine from the top of my head to focus on my neck and back. However, given that I do not keep that position while I sleep, found it better to run the pad side to side just under my neck. No matter how I toss or turn, my head/neck is positioned well.

    The pad comes across very durable, and the cable is very thick (appears to be 1/4 inches in diameter). I’m not worried about breaking the cable while sleeping.

    My mom had some back pain due to gardening and I had her place the pad behind her back. Within 15 minutes she did the stand up test and had no more pain. Usually it takes a few hours for her pain to fade while remaining motionless. She was also in the scalar field. We’ve repeated this twice now. She had some relief using the quad coils in the past, but this worked so fast she commented that it made a believer out of her that it was directly helping with her issue and not possibly a coincidence.

    I find it convenient that they provided two ways to power this device. There is the standard power port which the included power cable plugs into. However, there is also a standard USB plug like the kind found on your phone. With this plug, you can plug it in like a cell phone into your computer for power or any standard USB port.

    I do not recommend you have power cables into both ports at the same time, nor would I recommend using a fast charger to power the device not knowing the technical specifications of the device yet.

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