New Accessory Released: MiraMate Quad Coil

We are pleased to announce the release of our new MiraMate Quad Coil.

Eight separate coils are cleverly combined to give four times the power of our single coil. Designed to be flexible and strong, while the soft-texture provides both comfort and durability.

The coils can be discretely strapped to your body, or slipped into your clothing for day-long treatments. Great for overnight treatments; simply slip them under your bed linen.

Perfect for pain reduction and injury recovery of larger areas.

Please check below for details:

2 thoughts on “New Accessory Released: MiraMate Quad Coil

  1. Gordon Telfer says:

    Can you use quadcoil on the Minimate ??
    Has it the same magnetic affect ??

    1. MiraMate says:

      Dear Gordon Telfer, you can use Quad Coil on Mini Magic. Quad Coil has 4 times power than a single coil.

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