Chronic Prostatitis, LED Prostate Pack

MiraMate LED Prostate Pack for Chronic Prostatitis

Are you being troubled by pelvic pain or frequent urination, especially during nighttime? For men, these symptoms may be the result of chronic prostatitis.

Though talking about prostate and urinary issues can be awkward or embarrassing, we urge you not to ignore them. Enduring it without seeking help can lead to severe diseases and reduce the quality of your life both physically and mentally.

What is chronic prostatitis?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. When related symptoms last longer than three months, this indicates the possibility of getting chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis can occur in a man at any age. Symptoms may include pelvic or perineal pain. Sometimes the pain may radiate to the back and rectum, making you uncomfortable to sit. Men who have prostatitis may also experience difficult urination and sexual dysfunction.

Chronic prostatitis can be caused by bacterial infection, such as a urinary tract infection or a sexually transmitted disease. In some cases, it can also be due to a physical injury that causes nerve damage or inflammation in the genital area.

chronic prostatitis reduces the quality of your life both physically and mentally

You may think that treatment for chronic prostatitis is ceaseless and difficult. But actually, when you have the correct treatment, symptoms tend to improve within several months for most people. If you find it hard to get long-term relief from medications such as antibiotics, then LED light therapy can be a perfect solution in reducing the pain and symptoms of chronic prostatitis. It also saves you from constant visits to the clinics because you can turn on the device conveniently at home and get treated.

Theory behind MiraMate LED Prostate Pack

Several advanced trials proved that, when controlled correctly, powerful LEDs can substantially improve men’s prostate condition. MiraMate LED Prostate Pack combines blue LED lights (for disinfection) and red LED lights (for anti-inflammation) to help relieve prostate and urinary problems.

Blue LED light produces cytotoxic singlet oxygen and reactive oxygen molecules. As a result, cytotoxicity occurs by reacting with proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids of microbial cells, which leads to the death of bacteria cells and viruses, achieving the goal of effective disinfection.

Red LED light generates energy that tissue cells absorb in the prostate and urinary system, which then stimulates the activity of enzymes. During this process, the cell metabolism gets significantly increased. Blood circulation and the functions of white blood cells are also well improved. These properties are especially helpful in relieving inflammation, swelling, and pain.

In addition, the LED Prostate Pack enhances therapeutic effects with its unique light acupuncture feature. The acupoints covered by LED light include Guanyuan acupoint and Huiyin acupoint. The Guanyuan acupoint is clinically used for urinary and reproductive system disorders, while the Huiyin acupoint is uniquely effective in regulating reproductive functions. If you are not sure about where the acupoints are, you can always search online for more guidance.

Tips when using MiraMate LED Prostate Pack for chronic prostatitis

MiraMate LED Prostate Pack is safe, reliable, and easy to use. All you need to do is wear the strap and turn on the switch. The device will automatically start to heal your prostate.

During the treatment, remember to drink plenty of water to help flush the unwanted toxins out of your body. Physical movement, especially aerobic exercises, can also be a great helper for your prostate health.

With MiraMate LED Prostate Pack, you no longer have to live with the symptoms of chronic prostatitis!

It’s never too late to start taking care of your health with MiraMate.

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