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MiraMate Big Magic Deluxe Mat FAQ

MiraMate Big Magic Deluxe Mat FAQ

We have compiled common questions about MiraMate Big Magic Deluxe Mat here.

Q: What are the differences between the Big Magic Mat and Big Magic Deluxe Mat?
A: Big Magic Deluxe Mat is our brand new Chakra improving mat, designed to help persistent problems more effectively. The size of the Deluxe Mat is more than twice that of the original Chakra improving mat. The larger size of Deluxe Mat makes it possible to cover the entire target area for treatment.

Four advantages of the updated Deluxe Mat:

1. Deluxe Mat is larger in size without compromising its magnetic strength. It has over twice the area than the previous mat.
2. The Energy Field pattern is improved to increase penetration.
3. The special planar coils make the field more homogeneous, which means it will provide the same treatment effect at any part of the mat.
4. The mat itself has been made to be softer and much more comfortable.

Q: What is the intensity, waveform and frequency of Big Magic Deluxe Mat?
A: The total magnetic field strength of Deluxe Mat is 6000 Gauss. The magnetic flux intensity of Deluxe Mat at high power is approximately 80 Gauss. Low power is approximately 25 Gauss. The square wave in the mat can penetrate the cells easier, faster and improve the blood flow of your body to keep it to the normal condition. The frequency of Big Magic Deluxe Mat is the Schumann main resonance of 7.83 Hz.

Q: What’s the dimension of Big Magic Deluxe Mat?
A: The dimension is 630mm*510mm*20mm.

Deluxe Mat-1
Q: What is the effective treatment area for Deluxe Mat, and how much does it penetrate?

A: The treatment area is the size of the mat. The penetration height is more than 30cm.

Q: How much weight can Deluxe Mat bear? How much can you bend it?
A: The mat has been designed for laying on. That is its main designated function. It can be safely wrapped around a leg. The Chakra improving mat can be folded for ease of use and transport. Convenient for business trips or family vacations. Excessive bending may shorten its life, but it has been designed to be flexible and handle normal use.

Q: Is Deluxe Mat washable and waterproof? How should I clean it?
A: Though the material of Deluxe Mat is waterproof, the mat itself can not be soaked into water. You can use water or mild dish detergent to wipe the surface of the mat.

Q: How do you know when the Chakra improving mat stops working? Can we use the Coil Tester to check it? If yes, where to place the Coil Tester?
A: There is a coil tester for you to check whether Big Magic is working. Place the coil tester on the Chakra improving mat. The mat contains several large coils. During treatment, the coil tester lights up if it is placed over one of these coils. If the tester does not light up, it’s probably between the coils. Adjust the position until it is above a coil.

Deluxe Mat-2
Q: What is the material of the Chakra improving mat? Can I use it directly on my skin? What side of the Big Magic mat should face the skin?

A: The material for Deluxe Mat is PU. It should not produce allergies for most people, so can be used directly on the skin.

You can use either side of the mat to face the skin because the signal reverses during use anyway. However, it is more comfortable to have the power wire enter the mat from underneath.

Q: Do you provide a customized bag to store the mat?
A: Yes.

Q: What makes Deluxe Mat superior to other Chakra improving mats on the market?
A: Deluxe Mat contains a multitude of coils to increase its penetration depth and Energy Field uniformity. These coils are double-layer planar and are comfortable to lie on.

Q: How long and how often to use Deluxe Mat?
A: The treatment time depends on the actual ailments you want to resolve. We recommend applying Big Magic for more than 3 hours. You can also place the Chakra improving mat under your sheet for overnight treatment. The mat itself has been made to be soft and comfortable enough for sleeping.

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  1. Jerry Pilet says:

    I purchased the big magic delux mat but l thought I was purchasing the whole kit. How can I purchase the big magic without the smaller mat. Can I apply one of the coupons

    1. MiraMate says:

      You can choose Big Magic with Deluxe Mat option. We are offering $30 off each Big Magic with Deluxe Mat purchased before 8:00 AM, January 21st, 2021 (UTC+8:00). The coupon code is: xnsdsmym

      Please click this link to place an order: https://www.miramate.com/product/big-magic/

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