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Janet Brakhoven: MiraMate Helps My Friends and Me Greatly

For the past few years, MiraMate has been committed to providing affordable and innovative LFMS (Low Field Magnetic Stimulation) devices to promote better health and alleviate pain. Throughout our journey, we have received an abundance of positive feedback. These authentic stories have brought us joy and tears and deserve to be shared. This time, we invite you to read Janet Brakhoven’s success story with us.

Janet Brakhoven’s Inspiring Story with MiraMate

As an experienced user of MiraMate products, Janet used the Mini Magic not only on herself but also on people and animals around her for over six years.

  • Using MiraMate Mini Magic on Herself

Janet regularly used it for her aches and pains, such as an aching hip and chest pain, and it always worked well. After clearing an excessive amount of snow, she experienced discomfort the next morning as she readied herself to clear more snow from her driveway. Fortunately, MiraMate Mini Magic is portable, allowing her to relieve her aching muscles while clearing snow or working indoors.

She also used the Mini Magic to facilitate the recovery of two wounds. One of the injuries involved the tip of her finger, which had been bitten and left as an open wound. The doctor had opted not to stitch it, as it needed to heal from the inside. She applied MiraMate multiple times daily, and after three days, the doctor expressed astonishment at the rapid progress of the wound’s healing.

  • Using MiraMate Mini Magic on Others

Janet’s friend was awaiting an operation and experiencing significant knee pain, leading to difficulties in walking and disrupted sleep. After Janet used MiraMate Mini Magic on her for one night, she reached out to express her gratitude and shared how she suffered from considerably less pain than usual. Additionally, she mentioned that, for the first time in months, she enjoyed a restful night’s sleep.

There was also another woman, 64 years old, who suffered a fall, resulting in fractures to her shoulder and wrist. After her hospital discharge, she started using Janet’s Mini Magic, and her wound exhibited a remarkable rate of healing. She has maintained a consistent regimen of using the Mini Magic ever since, which Janet ordered for her. Notably, her shoulder mobility has been restored, and her wrist has recovered successfully. Her doctor also made note of the accelerated wound healing. It’s worth mentioning that employing the Mini Magic before her physiotherapy sessions significantly facilitated her mobility.

  • Using the MiraMate Mini Magic on a Dog

Janet used the Mini Magic on a guest dog that sustained an injury to its hind paw. With Mini Magic on low intensity, the dog settled down and eventually fell asleep with the other dogs as the pain receded. She continued treating the dog regularly during the two weeks it stayed with them before returning home.

Soothe Your Discomfort Using Powerful MiraMate Devices

Janet’s experience proved the effectiveness of MiraMate Mini Magic, a beneficial and portable piece of equipment applying advanced Low Field Magnetic Stimulation (LFMS) technology. It replicates the natural healing frequencies, guiding your body to good health. If you are facing health concerns akin to those experienced by Janet and her friends, it may be the right moment to explore this magical tool with a strong reputation for its exceptional features.

We offer two different kits, the Mini Magic and Big Magic kit, and the Mini Magic and Magic Pro kit. These kits come with discounts on the LFMS products, allowing you to experience greater pain relief for a lower cost. Plus, with our 30-day money-back guarantee, you will have nothing to lose but your discomfort.

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