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How Words Hurt Your Health

Language has two sides. It can make us happy or bring sadness. The emotions triggered by words can have a lasting impact on our bodies, leading to health problems such as breast nodules, thyroid issues, and depression. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how language affects us and improve our communication skills to boost our energy. This not only prevents problems from negative emotions but also helps us connect with others.

How Negative Words Affect Our Health

Robin Sharma says, “Words can inspire, and words can destroy.” Negative words can have a detrimental effect on our emotional well-being, causing stress, anxiety, and even depression. The accumulation of these negative emotions can easily affect our physical health, making us more susceptible to conditions such as

  • breast nodules
  • thyroid problems
  • gastrointestinal issues
  • chronic insomnia
  • other potential health problems

Ways to Reduce the Effects of Negative Language on Us

In most cases, we play the dual role of both speaker and listener, so it is important to make efforts from both perspectives.

As speakers, we can engage in specific language exercises to create a refreshing and enjoyable communication experience.

a. Show acknowledgment to others. For instance, when someone makes a suggestion, we can graciously respond, “Your suggestion makes a lot of sense. Let’s give it a try.” This helps to make people feel valued and appreciated, boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

b. Offer sincere praise to others. For example, when someone completes a task, we can generously say, “You did a fantastic job!” This creates a supportive environment where people feel understood and accepted. It also instills confidence in their pursuit of goals.

c. Explore the principles of Nonviolent Communication – Observation, Feelings, Needs, and Requests. It helps enhance our empathy, prevent misunderstandings, and reduce conflict. It also assists us to establish deeper connections with others.

As listeners, we can practice meditation to minimize the chances of being affected by negative words. Meditation helps us to:

a. Cultivate awareness to transcend language limitations and perceive the true intentions of the speaker.
b. Strengthen inner energy to maintain emotional stability and avoid being easily affected by negative language.

MiraMate Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Fighting Negative Words

When people are high in energy, they have the passion and drive to make changes and break free from the shackles of negative emotions. So, how can one boost their energy levels? Low Field Magnetic Stimulation can be a great choice to consider.

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy can increase blood circulation and support cellular metabolism, which helps to improve cellular function and boost the body’s overall energy levels. It can also stimulate your body’s natural endorphins and dopamine, which help to improve mood, and reduce fatigue and stress, thus making you feel more energetic.

MiraMate Magic Pro is an exceptional audio Low Field Magnetic Stimulation device that has the capability to provide your entire body with natural energy and address a range of health issues stemming from negative thoughts. In addition to receiving treatment while lying on the specially designed mat, you can also sit on it to meditate. Furthermore, you can integrate the Magic Pro with the Hawaiian healing practice. By combining the four magical sentences (I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.) and the safe Low Field Magnetic Stimulation technology, you can further experience healing in your body and mind.


Language can impact our emotions and physical well-being. By understanding the effects of negative language and making efforts to improve our communication, it can reduce the harm caused by hurtful words. If you aspire to be the master of language and emotions, give Magic Pro a try to enhance your energy, step away from negative language, and create more positive connections with others.

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