Brand-new Single Coil and Quad Coil Just Arrived

We are pleased to announce the release of our updated Single Coil and Quad Coil.

There are two advantages of the updated coils:
1. Longer lifetime with reinforced wire and joints
2. Easy coil insertion and removal with improved plug

As a token of our appreciation, we have a special offer for existing MiraMate users. You only need $16 to get your Single Coil and $45 for Quad Coil from Today to the end of December.

Get your brand-new Single Coil and Quad Coil from here:

One thought on “Brand-new Single Coil and Quad Coil Just Arrived

  1. Annabel Anderson says:

    My daughter is a chronic Lyme sufferer. After 2 nights in Miramate her relentless migraines have dramatically reduced in severity. She now uses the mat night and day as the positive effects are undeniable.

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