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An Interview between Elena and John: Analog LFMS and More

Welcome back to another insightful interview with our founder John White by the brilliant and spiritual interviewer Elena. They started by introducing MiraMate Magic Pro, but the topic quickly expanded to more than just products. Join us on this captivating journey as we delve deeper into John’s and Elena’s vast knowledge and unique perspectives. Prepare to be enthralled as Elena and John explore intriguing topics and share profound insights that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact. So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Some Highlights from the Interview

John’s explanation of Analog Low Field Magnetic Stimulation

You and I and most other people are not digital life forms. They are analog life forms. When we talk, we don’t talk in a series of bits and

data, square waveform, on, off, on, off. Sometimes, pulsed EMF devices can be too powerful for us to understand as language. So, over the previous two years, we’ve been secretly working on creating an analog pulsed EMF device. It’s a magnetic device that talks the language of your cells, of your body. It does so by sending sound.

When we are communicating, we’re talking through sound. We’re not using data packets and all the rest of it. We’re using sound, natural sound, and this is how our new unit works. It can accept sound, plain and simple, and it converts that sound to a magnetic field. The magnetic field pulses in accordance with the sound, and your cells convert that to a current, so every single cell in your body is listening to the audio. It can be anything from a sacred Sutra to your favorite music, to your daughter laughing, to anything that your body regards as healing.

The importance of emotional health

Another thing that’s not really touched on is emotional struggles. It’s hard to quantify, but there actually have been studies on analog pulsed EMF devices concerning their effects on emotions. People normally regard emotions as not important. I think it’s like the main poles of emotion, which is heaviness, sadness, and others.

However, emotion has very large effects on our health and well-being. If your emotions are balanced, you can handle things so much better and enjoy life so much more. Analog pulsed EMF is the best device to use if you find yourself overly stressed through situations which you have little control over. Or, you feel you’ve got little control over something that others think you should. This device can help you.

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