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The year 2022 has almost come to an end. Many of you may be writing annual reports or making some self-reflection on the whole year’s changes and achievements, and so is MiraMate!

In 2022, MiraMate has devoted itself to bringing health to customers worldwide, offering users high-quality PEMF devices to relieve pain, help with skin diseases, and promote the body’s health to an energetic state. We welcomed many new users to our big MiraMate family this year, and we are always thankful for the support and understanding we received from our customers.

One of the major improvements MiraMate has achieved this year is to provide better customer service and product support through blogs or articles, videos, online training courses, and live streams. And here is a summary of the 10 most popular articles.

MiraMate Big Magic Articles:

MiraMate Big Magic can be your loyal health companion if you have had chronic physical or mental problems for a long time. It uses PEMF therapy to recharge your body, targeting your body at a cellular level to stimulate cell metabolism and improve your health. People with chronic pains, sleep disorders, cancer, and even minor health issues such as hair loss can receive some improvements from Big Magic.

Big Magic is among the best PEMF device on the market for its bidirectional pulse, sharp square wave, accurate and gentle Schumann resonance, and durable manufacturing material. Turn the device on before going to sleep, and you will feel refreshed and energized the next day.

So, how to choose a suitable PEMF mat for yourself or your family?

You should pay attention to five aspects: your budget, frequency range, bidirectional pulse, waveform, and the material of the mat cover.

For more information on the MiraMate Big Magic mat, click the following links to find out more.

MiraMate Mini Magic Articles:

Many people experience acute pain when they get injured. What do you usually do when it happens? Do you decide to seek help from your local GP or get some OTC medicines from the pharmacy store? Maybe you can try MiraMate Mini Magic, which gives you instant relief.

MiraMate Mini Magic is a new portable PEMF device designed to reduce pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime. Also, the pulses sent by Mini Magic are bidirectional, which makes Mini Magic different from other PEMF devices on the market. Through bidirectional pulses, your body can maintain equilibrium and use it safely, even in the long term.

For more information on the MiraMate Mini Magic, click the following links to find out more.

Articles on PEMF Therapy and Its Effects:

If you are new to PEMF therapy, it is probably better to start by understanding the theory first.

The first link provides detailed information on almost everything you want to know about PEMF therapy.

Visit the second link if you need to download the guide to PEMF therapy.

Not only can PEMF therapy treat health issues for us, but our pets and animals can also receive health benefits from PEMF therapy. Take back pain as an example. The third article explains in detail how you may help your horses recover from health problems such as tendon and ligament injuries, hoof abscesses, stone bruises, non-healing wounds, arthritis, etc., using PEMF therapy.

For more information on PEMF therapy, click the following links to find out more.

MiraMate Product Comparison Guide Blog:

Nothing is more straightforward than a comparison chart when you are comparing different products. This article is especially useful if you are still deciding which device is suitable for you.

How would you like MiraMate to improve next year?

If you have any inquiries or suggestions about our PEMF products, PEMF therapy, or the content we create each week, please feel free to contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and share your valuable opinions.

Testimonials from MiraMate Users

One user suffered from epiploic appendicitis and often felt great pains, but after using our product, she said,

“I received my Big Magic a couple of weeks ago. It arrived much quicker than I thought it would be given that it was delayed at the airport. I have been using it to treat an intestinal condition called Epiploic Appendicitis. I believe it helped calm some of the pain. I laid the large mat over my abdomen for maximum coverage.”

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