Using MiraMate Laser and Flash for just a short time but already seeing results.

Joint Aid for Back Pain, and Flash for Warts

I have been using MiraMate Laser and Flash for just a short time but am already seeing results.

In my healing practice I see many people with joint issues that MiraMate Lasor comes in very handle with. It is so handy and easy to use. I can start a bodywork session of with the Laser to bring some healing to those areas before I work with them. One way I especially like to use the laser is on specific acupuncture points. I can feel the energy ignite the meridian and help to balance the energy. I have also used it on neuropathy and back pain issues. Clients usually will feel more relief as the day goes on.

I have been using Flash for just a couple of weeks on myself now. I have been working on a wart that has been very stubborn for a couple of years with nothing making a difference on it. It is now about half the size. Also using it on a spot on my back that had a skin area removed. It tested negative for any cancers but has remained uncomfortable and itchy even after removal. Flash has made a difference with this as well. Normally when I go to bed it bothers me to lay on it and that is better, it is also healing better. I used it on a leg wound from a wire fence a couple of months ago that has been slow to heal. That is now almost healed. Now I am working on a few facial spots and seeing some results already.

Thank you for Flash and MiraMate Laser! Both have helped me personally, with family and with clients in my healing practice!