My first experiences with the Mini Magic

Working for many hours in front of a computer, as I do every day, can be very stressful. Without your noticing, stay still while you write and draw, regardless of your posture.

But over time the consequences become evident. Thus begins a pain in the neck that becomes unbearable and that takes you throughout the day, without respite.

But since I have my Mini Magic, these problems have disappeared! I apply the two coils on the shoulder, I electrically power the Mini Magic from the USB port of my computer, and finally I can work without interruption and without pain!

I’m sure it will help me 100 other times, above all because I will be able to use it also in the car, thanks to the USB power supply that now have all the cars.

The Mini Magic, thanks to the technology with which it was designed and the fact that you can take it anywhere, is a great invention!