Laying on Big Magic mat to help insomnia and pain.

Laying on Big Magic Mat to Help Insomnia and Pain

I sleep on the Big Magic mat every night. Never turn it off. Sometimes lay on it during the day. I also have Mini Magic and do not use it as much but should. It’s nicely portable.

I view Big Magic as one piece in my natural care kit. It calms an inflamed body. Doesn’t completely take my pain away. But helps. Sometimes it helps slightly with insomnia and anxiety. Sometimes nothing helps insomnia and anxiety. I can’t say I feel major energy from it. More subtle. I leave it flat and do not wrap it. I think this helps it to last longer. If it were to break, I would order another one. If I don’t sleep on it, I wake aching more than when I sleep on it. In this case, I lay on it for 15 min in the morning.