I used Flash to help rashes and pimples with success.

Rashes and Pimples Disappeared Within a Few Days of Flash Treatment

I used the flash on my head. I came back from vacation in the woods with a rash that seemed to travel from my head down my body, very itchy and red and driving me crazy for a few months. I finally got the Flash and started using it on the various rash areas. Then I started using it on my head (should have started there I think). The itching and rash got less in just a few days and altogether disappeared in a few weeks, but I was not using it every day. Oh, even before this, I had two pimples for months and months on the back of my head and those disappeared in a few days by flashing them. I am a firm believer in ALL the MiraMate products just within the past few months of using them. My life has changed for the better, thank you, MiraMate team!

It was just 4 or 5 flashes at a time on each area. Really kind of random, a day here a day there. Just testing it out really.

Source: https://bit.ly/2G53E79