MiraMate Magic Pro - Analog PEMF for Natural Healing


MiraMate Magic Pro is the world’s best audio PEMF device for restoring energy balance. Magic Pro uses Analog PEMF technology to provide you with more natural pulsed electromagnetic fields. It can charge your entire body with natural energy using the specially designed mat.


  • Advanced Analog PEMF
  • Natural Healing Energy
  • Full-sized and Foldable Mat
  • Simple Operation
  • Restore Health and Vitality

With MiraMate Magic Pro, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities for your health and well-being.

Safe and Effective Pain Relief
Start your healing journey today! With MiraMate Magic Pro you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your discomfort. This is superior analog  PEMF for a more effective natural therapy.


How Magic Pro Works
MiraMate Magic Pro User Manual
Video Instruction – How to Use Magic Pro
Four Special Healing Music Tracks for Your Magic Pro

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Magic Pro uses Analog PEMF technology to provide you with a more natural pulsed electromagnetic field.

Advanced Analog PEMF can transform sound into healing energy and form waves of therapeutic fields, which erupt like the Fountain of Youth, rejuvenating and repairing every one of your imbalanced cells.

When your natural cellular balance returns, your health blossoms once again.

Check the video to explore the magic of Magic Pro.

How MiraMate Magic Pro Can Help

Are you troubled by health issues? Are you tired of the financial burden of maintaining good health? Are side effects reducing your quality of life? Allow MiraMate Magic Pro to communicate with your body in their own language to safely and naturally help resolve your health problems. Magic Pro will help you find the perfect balance for your body and mind and unlock the full potential of your body’s natural healing.

  • Improves sleep
  • Relax Muscles and reduces discomforts
  • Helps overcoming emotional struggle
  • Restores vitality
Magic Pro converts any audio signal into PEMF. There are two options to send audio to Magic Pro.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Cable Direct.

Why You Should Choose Magic Pro

Best Audio

Foldable and

Max Coil

Your immune system may become weakened when the energy in your body is temporarily out of balance. Magic Pro, the world’s best audio PEMF device, can help restore energy balance.

MiraMate Magic Pro - Your Health Companion

Magic Pro has been designed for simple operation using a comprehensive audio database. You just need to press one button to start your journey of re-establishing energy equilibrium.

Magic Pro has a foldable mat which is soft, air permeable, and skin-friendly. The mat is full-sized, so you can enjoy deep, whole-body repair. Simply lie on the mat to receive treatment. Recommended usage duration is at least 30 min per day. There is no maximum duration because the frequencies are gentle and will not cause discomfort or fatigue.

Magic Pro with Energy Circle

MiraMate Magic Pro vs. Other PEMF Mats

MiraMate Magic Pro OTHER PEMF MATS
Magnetic Intensity max 1013.3 Gauss 0.02-10 Gauss
Frequency Range 20-21050 Hz 0.5-1000 Hz
Waveform Allowing all waveforms Sinusoidal/Sawtooth/Square single waveform
Number of Coils 96 6-20
Cover Material PU low-hysteresis open-cell membrane Synthetic leather/Vinyl

Package Contents

Magic Pro Package Contents


Both products and service.

Fast Free Shipping

Fast and free shipping worldwide

24/7 Support

Via Skype, Zoom, E-mail, and video manuals.

12-Month Guarantee



Number Of Output Coils 96
Maximum Field Strength/Coil 1013.3 Gauss
Optimum Treatment Range Height within ± 400 mm (15.5 inches)*
Maximum Duration Unlimited
Mat Size 200cm × 63.5cm× 2.2cm
Maximum Peak Power 200 watts
Coil Outside Diameter 103.58 mm
Coil Inside Diameter 29.22 mm
Frequency Range 20 Hz - 21050 Hz
Waveform Analog or digital
Main Unit Construction PC & ABS
Mat Surface Material PU low-hysteresis open-cell membrane
Springback Material 10mm sponge, double layers
Mat Cable Length 2 m
Power Adapter Input 110-240V 50-60Hz
Power Adapter Output 24V 10A DC
Audio Input Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio socket
Output 48V / 3.3A RMS
Power Output Plug 2-pin aviation connector
Main Unit Size 185.5mm × 135mm × 111mm
* The strength of magnetic fields slowly diminishes with distance. The strength of magnetic fields is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source. At 800 mm (31 inches), the field strength is 25% (1/4) of the strength at 400 mm.


Magic Pro uses Analog PEMF technology to create a more natural pulsed electromagnetic field. Audio is directly converted into therapeutic waves of magnetic fields, rejuvenating and repairing your imbalanced body.

Magic Pro uses Analog PEMF, which can produce any waveform or audio frequency. During use, the actual waveform and frequency depends on the music input you use.

Magic Pro’s Analog PEMF technology offers a wide range of benefits, including relief and relaxation, making it a beneficial tool for nearly everyone from the first moment it is used.

Magic Pro uses safe and natural Analog PEMF, which has no side effects. However, do NOT use Magic Pro if you are pregnant or have any non-MRI-safe IUDs or other medical or electrical devices in your body.
You can download the Frequency Heals app on your mobile device and play programs via Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can play any healing audio downloaded from the internet.
Regular clothing presents no barrier to the penetration of PEMF.

We recommend using Magic Pro for at least 30 minutes daily, and there is no maximum duration.

2m × 0.6m or 6 feet 6 inches × 2 feet. It’s full-sized and foldable.
No, we offer free shipping worldwide.
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
Ordering & Shipping


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1. If used according to the instructions but found to be defective, MiraMate devices and accessories can be replaced or repaired for free within a guaranteed time.
Mini Magic Pulse Unit1 Year
Big Magic Pulse Unit1 Year
Magic Pro Main Unit1 Year
Ray Gun1 Year
Big Magic PEMF Mat1 Year
Magic Pro PEMF Mat1Year
Mini Magic Single/ Quad Coil3 Months
2. Service and repair are provided after the warranty period. Material and shipping costs will be charged as appropriate.


Mini Magic, Big Magic, and Magic Pro: 1. Do not use MiraMate PEMF devices if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant (conceiving) or breastfeeding. 2. Do not use MiraMate PEMF devices for people or animals with pacemakers, hearing Aids, medical pumps, or other electrical implants/devices. Note: Non-magnetic metal rods, screws, and plates are safe for PEMF use. If an implant is safe for an MRI, it is safe to use PEMF therapy. 3. Do not use MiraMate PEMF devices for people or animals with organ transplants.
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