Mini Magic Heals Heart Pains

Heart Pain

Mini Magic coils helped my heart tightness last Friday 11/13. I came home after a long day of work dealing with customers and managers meetings got me a little stressed out. As I was taking deep breaths I felt a tightness on my chest and heart I’ve never felt before, every time I took a deep breath I felt my heart and chest tight, even with a light breath I felt the tension.

Then I thought to put on the mini magic coils on my shirt pocket next to my chest and heart and within 45 minutes the tightness in my chest & heart went away, I couldn’t believe I felt so much better. I was elated and calmed down mentally since now I didn’t have to worry about my heart. I usually put on the mini magic coils between my shirt buttons (like instruction booklets shows you) while I work all day and it gives you a feeling of calmness and relaxation thorough out the day.

Some days I put on mini magic coils on the side of my feet and my socks hold the coils in place, that helps to heal the stress on my feet from all the walking I do.

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