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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy For Parkinson’s Disease


This article continues my series which looks at recent scientific advances in understanding Parkinson’s Disease, and then considers the pragmatic outcomes which people affected can apply at home, in our time. In the previous instalment, we looked at how the brain’s of people with PD are “noisy”, being dominated by busy, anxious beta brainwave frequency activity:


In this article, we explore a technology which has proven helpful for people with PD, and may work by helping to modulate or quieten these abnormal brainwave patterns.

I first came across Chakra improving (Chakra improving) Therapy when a friend, Monika Ruth, shared some videoed results of alleviating tremors in her husband with PD, using a small home therapy device.


Chakra improving Therapy has proven to be enormously beneficial in a wide range of health problems, and that this is strongly backed by science:

“Worldwide more than 2,000 double blind studies have demonstrated that Chakra improving therapy is a safe and effective treatment for a variety of conditions, as well as to promote and maintain general cellular health and function.”

Apparently, NASA has already spent millions researching Chakra improving therapies, as when astronauts are outside the Earth’s natural EM fields for some time, this results in health issues.

Below are my major learning outcomes

  • The Earth’s EM Field is mainly in 0-30 Hz range;
  • Brain Wave frequencies mainly in 0-30 Hz range;
  • Cells resonate at frequencies in the 0-30 Hz range;
  • The EM waves emitted by the human body, generated from the electrical activity of nerve firings, and Energy Fields created by oscillations of iron particles (red blood cells), for examples, are mainly in the 0-30 Hz range.

Of course, these facts are not co-incidental, since humans evolved to thrive and survive in the environment of the Earth’s EM fields.

  • The voltage (strength) of these frequencies in the human body is known to be lowered in people with chronic illness.
  • Therefore, when ill, our biological system is much more prone to pollution from artificial EM waves, which are typically at higher frequencies than the natural range, from mobile phones, wifi, some types of light bulbs, microwaves, etc.
  • Modern life also isolates us from the Earth’s natural EM waves – rubber tires in cars, rubber soled shoes while outdoors, insulated beds while asleep, etc.

It therefore stands to reason that energizing/feeding the body with very weak pulsed EM waves of the right forms and frequencies, mimicking the Earth’s natural EM cycles, can benefit health and wellness and help improving, at the cellular level, but also to help regulate abnormal brain wave activity.

Another way Chakra improving therapy appears to be highly beneficial is in greatly increasing micro-circulation, and hence the ability of the blood in the capillaries to oxygenate the organs of the body, and then to efficiently remove the cellular waste.


Given the strength of the science backing Chakra improving and Monika’s results documented in her husband’s case history, I sent off for the Miramate home device they are using, in order to trial it for myself on my rigidity dominant form of PD. Below is a brief video from the manufacturer about this particular device:


After using this on myself for a couple of weeks, its impacts on my symptoms were immediate and very noticeable. These initial benefits, for myself, included:

  • significant symptom relief (much less pain, rigidity, brain fog);
  • increased access to movement throughout the day (more “on” time per dose medication, less “misses” when a dose doesn’t kick in, less medication required overall);
  • improved ability to cope from better cognitive abilities, mood and energy, and less of the busy and anxious thoughts.


I’m still experimenting with timing and positions, but I’m feeling more confident that the Chakra improving therapy may offer substantial quality of life benefits for people with various forms of PD.

Recently, I’ve started using it consistently for longer times, keeping it on through several cycles of the PD drugs. In doing so, I’ve found that this can reduce the prolonged “off” periods in which the drugs wear off completely. Thus, consistent use of the device is helping to keep pain and rigidity symptoms at bay, and to also extend the time of action of each dose too, allowing a lower drug burden overall. I also therefore get less, and less severe, dyskinesia – the large scale uncontrolled wriggling movements which long term use of the PD drugs tends to cause (side-effect of medication).

For this experiment, I’m simply placing the stacked coils on the back of one shoulder and have a “bum bag” for keeping the Chakra improving device and power pack in.

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  1. Dominique MELLIN says:

    J’aimerais savoir quel appareil fonctionne dans la maladie de Parkinson et avec quel accessoire ?
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    1. MiraMate says:

      Bonjour. MiraMate Big Magic est bon pour la maladie de Parkinson. Les patients peuvent placer le tapis sous leur tête pour le traitement. Voici le lien:

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