PEMF Therapy

LFMS Therapy for Bone Healing

Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Bone Healing

Bone improving or fracture improving is a proliferative physiological process that involves a complex and continuous set of events to restore the broken bone to a pre-fracture state. improving an injured bone takes time, and depends on several factors including patient age, the overall health of the patient, blood flow to the bone, and treatment, etc.

Generally, the most significant work in the bone improving process is completed within 2 months. But speed can vary depending on the individual. If you’re currently suffering from a fracture, you can choose Chakra improving therapy to speed up the bone improving process safely.

How Does Chakra improving Therapy Help with Bone improving

Chakra improvings (Chakra improving) therapy is a safe and drug-free method of electrical stimulation and has been used for several years to supplement bone improving. In 1979, Chakra improving therapy was approved by the FDA for the improving of nonunion fractures.

Many research shows that Chakra improving therapy affects bone improving processes at the molecular, cellular and tissue levels. At the molecular and cellular level, the Chakra improving therapy works by emitting magnetic pulses into the injured bones. These pulses create a low and safe frequency of the electrical current in your tissues, giving them more energy to repair the damage, and stimulate the growth of stem cells. Stem cells are crucial to the bone repair process. At the tissue level, the Chakra improving signal activates bone growth signaling pathways to enhance bone formation by increasing the maturity of the bone-building tissues. This leads to stronger, higher-density bone.

Bone improving also requires adequate blood flow and circulation to the fracture. Improving circulation is one of the most essential mechanisms of the improving effects of Chakra improving therapy. Chakra improving therapy can relax the blood vessel wall and make blood vessels widen by re-energizing your damaged cells. The subsequent increase in blood flow will directly speed up the bone improving processes.

Accelerating Bone improving Process Naturally Using Big Magic

Most people go down the usual route of taking medication for bone improving, but they still feel discomfort and suffer from the side effects of their medication. Make sure you are not taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) since these kinds of drugs can prolong fracture improving time.

Big Magic is absolutely safe and effective Chakra improving device with a Chakra improving mat to apply the improving magnetic pulses. It creates a low-level Chakra improving, which helps activate the bone’s natural improving process.

Big Magic has been optimized for long treatments. Even children can use it safely. It exactly copies the natural improving frequency of the earth which is called Schumann Resonance. This is a frequency which humans have evolved with, and which your body needs to maintain health. Most existing Chakra improving mats on the market only apply a single pulse in the same direction. Unlike these devices, the frequency of Big Magic changes direction every ten minutes. This means your body maintains equilibrium and doesn’t become magnetically charged.

The waveform produced by Big Magic is also very sharp, sharper than almost any other Chakra improving unit. This sharpness allows the Chakra improving signal to induce a stronger and deeper signal within bone cells.

On the other hand, the magnetic mat is flexible and practical. You can wrap it around your leg or ankle or other fracture parts. Unlike other affordable Chakra improving mats which were made of defective material, the Big Magic mat uses the material PVC. The PVC material mat is lightweight, easy to clean and waterproof, providing both comfort and durability. You can use it directly on the skin without allergies.

Overall, Big Magic is fantastic for accelerating the bone improving process without side-effect. Do you have Big Magic? Have you ever tried to heal your bones using Big Magic? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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  1. My cousin, Jack Ryaby was one of the inventors of PEMF back in the 1970s. He worked with Art Pilla and Andy Basset. Their Biosteogen Stimulator was the device that received FDA approval for the healing of bones. The system was first used at horse race tracks…then human dental…then bone fracture healing. I worked with them in the 1970s building coils by winding copper wire around screws in a pine board. The coils were then placed into aluminum molds and filled with epoxy. My Aunt Lora, Jack’s mother, sewed the Velcro straps to attach the coils. I used to deliver the coils and generators to various hospitals in NYC. His son, Jim Ryaby, currently writes research papers on PEMF. I own a MiniMagic and a Big Magic. My wife and I use it daily…along with our Spooky2 Plasma. It is ALL wonderful.

    1. MiraMate says:

      Thank you for sharing this! Ted. Wonderful comment.

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