New Ray Gun Designed for Surface and Deep Skin Issues Is Coming Soon

New Ray Gun Is Coming Soon

The quest for useful and safe skin healthcare has led to the creation of our brand new product: Ray Gun. We are very happy and proud to announce the exciting news that Ray Gun will be released on 8:00 AM, September 18th, 2020 (UTC+8:00).

Ray Gun is an all-new MiraMate product, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues more effectively and safely. There are three different modes for you to choose from to better deal with different skin conditions.

Ray Gun can help with acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, persistent itching (pruritus), skin cancers, and skin problems caused by fungi (including toe fungi and nail fungi), bacteria or viruses.

Ray Gun can benefit humans, pets and plants. It can also be used to clear mold spots on walls. Single-button operation makes Ray Gun very simple to use.


For a limited time, we are offering $30 off each Ray Gun purchased. The coupon code is: xqm8kdvs

Existing MiraMate Flash customers will receive a 30% discount coupon via email. If you have not received this email or have any questions, please feel free to contact us through the live chat window on Alternatively, send an email to [email protected].

Please note:
1. The coupons are valid until 8:00 AM, October 18th, 2020 (UTC+8:00).
2. The upgrade coupon can only be used once.
3. The coupons can only be used for Ray Gun.
4. The two coupons cannot be used at the same time, or in conjunction with other coupons.
5. Redeem the coupons online before proceeding to checkout.

We convert the release time to your local time zone:
1. New York, USA (UTC-4): 8:00 PM Sep 17
2. Toronto, Canada (UTC-4): 8:00 PM Sep 17
3. Sydney, Australia (UTC+10): 10:00 AM Sep 18
4. London, United Kingdom (UTC+1): 1:00 AM Sep 18

Interested in Ray Gun and need more details? Stay tuned!

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