Celebrate the Christmas Season with MiraMate Sale

Dear MiraMate friends,

The Christmas season of chaos of shopping and gift-wrapping has arrived again. We hope you’ve had a wonderful year, and will share Christmas with the warmth and laughter of your family and friends.

If you are looking for Christmas or New Year presents, MiraMate is a wonderful idea. We offer a wide range of devices to show your care for your loved ones. The loving gift of health is from the heart! Let good health accompany you and your loved ones during the festive season.

If you missed the MiraMate Black Friday Sale, don’t worry. You can still get MiraMate kits and accessories at a discounted price during our Christmas Sale! We are doing this because you are special.

Sale Duration: December 8th 6:00 PM to December 31st 6:00 PM (UTC+8)

Event 1: Your Christmas Gifts From MiraMate

During our Christmas Season Sale, you can receive warm Christmas gifts from MiraMate!

For every order placed during the sale, you will receive a MiraMate-designed coin purse.

Additionally, we will be giving:
Orders between $100 to $500 (not including $500): A MiraMate cloth shopping bag;
Orders between $500 to $1500 (not including $1500): A MiraMate 3-in-1 Charging Cable;
Orders over $1500: A MiraMate Christmas woollen hat.

Coin Purse

Cloth Shopping Bag
3-in-1 Charging Cable
Christmas woollen hat

Event 2: MiraMate Christmas Special Kits - Enjoy UP TO 12% OFF

This Christmas, you can shop at MiraMate and get your favorite MiraMate kit with a discount of up to 12% OFF!

Browse our Christmas kits today and send them directly to your family or friends as a Christmas gift!

The BEST Christmas Gift is Good Health.

$1710 $1920

MiraMate Magic Pro is the world’s best Full-Body Chakra mat to help you restore energy balance. Magic Pro uses Analog Chakra Healing technology to provide you with a more natural Chakra Healing. It can charge your entire body with natural energy using the specially designed, full-body mat.

With MiraMate Magic Pro, you’ll find the perfect balance for your body and mind, and unlock a wealth of possibilities for your health and well-being.

Save $210 on Christmas Magic Pro Now!

$780  $889

MiraMate provides two Chakra Healing devices to help users relieve discomforts, including Big Magic and Mini Magic, to help stimulate body repair, enhance functioning, and moderate some conditions.

Big Magic is good for large-area relief and long-term treatment. Mini Magic is a portable Chakra Healing device designed to reduce minor pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime.

Save $109 on Christmas Big Magic and Mini Magic Kit Now!

Down to $207  $219~$270

MiraMate Mini Magic is a portable Chakra Healing device designed to reduce minor pain and discomfort anywhere, anytime. Discrete, stylish, and easy to use, MiraMate Mini Magic can be used daily with confidence.

MiraMate Mini Magic uses very brief magnetic pulses to stimulate the growth of stem cells. These pulses create a low and completely safe frequency of electrical current into your body, giving them more energy to repair the damage. It’s a small blessing to people suffering from both chronic and minor pain.

Enjoy 6% off during our Christmas sale! It’s one of the best time to get a brand-new kit.

$630 $670

Do you suffer from long-term discomforts that interfere with the quality of your life?

Do you want to break free from discomforts and regain your life and emotional well-being in a natural way that is harmonious with how your body works?

If you do, then our Chakra Healing device, Big Magic is what YOU need.

Miramate Big Magic will give you relief and help you regain your quality of life and emotional well-being in a natural way.

Save $40 on Christmas Big Magic Now!

$292 $312

Ray Gun is the most advanced VUV light therapy device on the market, designed to treat many kinds of surface and deep skin issues effectively and safely. It can also benefit plants and help remove mold spots from walls.

Ray Gun creates VUV light within the gas tube. The photons of this light are powerful enough to kill fungi and viruses living on the skin. Yet it is safe. The dead skin layer on the human body almost completely absorbs VUV radiation, so VUV will not harm normal skin cells.

During our Christmas sale, you will enjoy 6% off on Ray Gun!

$1890  $2139

Discover the remarkable benefits of the Ultimate Chakra Healing Kit, which combines the Mini Magic and Magic Pro to provide a truly transformative experience.

MiraMate’s ultimate kit ensures optimal treatment, swiftly alleviating pain and promoting deep tissue recovery.

With the portable Mini Magic offering on-the-go pain relief, and the remarkable Magic Pro delivering unparalleled full-body healing through audio Chakra energy, this ultimate kit is your ultimate path to revitalized health.

Save $249 on Christmas Mini Magic and Magic Pro Kit Now!

Event 3: 3% OFF Full-Priced Items

Do you have enough accessories to build your powerful MiraMate set? Well, for our existing customers, Christmas sale is a great time to add some accessories at a good price!

The more you buy, the more you save!

3% OFF coupon code: xmas2023

Expiry date: 6:00 PM Saturday, December 31st (UTC+8)

Note: The “3% off full-priced item” offer does not apply to sale items, i.e., MiraMate Christmas kits.

Event 4: Purchase and Receive Double Membership Points

During our Christmas Season Sale, receive Double Membership Points with any purchases at miramate.com!

Also, would you like to recommend MiraMate devices to your friends? You may invite your friends so that they can also get some discounted kits at miramate.com when the sale is on! When they place their orders, you can receive 3,000 points for each friend you invite and save more on your next purchase!

If you have any questions, please send an email to [email protected]. We are glad to help you out.

Last but not least, thank you for being part of our MiraMate family this year. We appreciate your support and hope we can provide better service in the coming year and continue preserving your health and the health of your loved ones!

May your holiday season be filled with happiness. May the coming year see the gifts of health and joy touch those you love.

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