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Managing Tooth Pain without Analgesics

Tooth pain is a common issue that affects about 25% of Americans and 3.5 million people worldwide. Some people may think dental problems are trivial, but if you have ever been affected by tooth pain, you know how distressing it can be.

In cases of acute pain, most dentists will recommend analgesics. However, painkillers may have side effects on our bodies, and this is where new techniques should come in place to reduce tooth pain without medication. Thankfully, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy can fill this gap.

Want to learn more about PEMF therapy and its applications for tooth pain? You are on the right page!

What is PEMF therapy and how can it help with tooth pain?

PEMF therapy sends a series of magnetic frequencies into the body and re-energizes damaged cells by inducing electrical charges in them. In short, it works like a battery recharger for the body cells. Because of this property, PEMF may increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, improve circulation, boost our metabolism, and help regenerate cells. 

So, how can PEMF therapy help your tooth problem? In fact, infection, injury, or loss of a tooth cause injury, irritation, or inflammation of the nerve in the tooth’s root, resulting in tooth pain. PEMF can relieve these symptoms and get your teeth back on track.

PEMF therapy helps relieve tooth pain by:

Healing injured tissues: PEMF frequency helps the cells to recharge and heal themselves. Besides, the enhanced cellular movement improves blood circulation and oxygen and nutrient supply, further boosting the healing process.

Alleviating pain: The improved blood circulation slows down pain mediators and reduces pain as a result.

Reducing inflammation: The magnetic field generated by PEMF therapy improves the contraction and relaxation of the cells, thus removing toxins and inflammatory chemicals and reducing swelling and redness of the area.

PEMF therapy helps with tooth pain by healing injured tissues, alleviating pain, and reducing inflammation

Manage tooth pain with MiraMate Mini Magic at home

In summary, PEMF therapy is well known for its effectiveness in relieving pain, healing wound, and reducing tissue swelling, which makes it a helpful tool in dentistry. Whether it is tooth pain, cavities, halitosis, tooth decay, or gum erosion, PEMF devices can help you manage all these problems effectively.

Of all the PEMF devices on the market, we would like to recommend MiraMate Mini Magic. It is a portable PEMF device that can help manage tooth pain without taking analgesics or other drugs, and you can use it in the office or at home conveniently.

In addition, Mini Magic is easy to use. Flip the switch and place the coils on your face where you feel tooth pain. Typically, you will see improvement within one hour.

Testimonial from MiraMate user

The Mini Magic has stopped toothaches for me a few times. I don’t like to take any drugs, so I was very pleased that the Mini Magic alleviated a throbbing toothache. I put it under my pillow case and laid on the exact spot of the pain and in under an hour the pain had subsided and I was able to sleep.

MiraMate Mini Magic relieves tooth pain

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