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Can PEMF Therapy Help with Cancer?

Cancer has long been one of the deadly diseases which is hard to cure and recover. Most patients diagnosed with cancer have to endure countless surgeries and medication. What’s more, conventional cancer treatments often involve strong side effects such as unbearable pain and hair loss.

PEMF, short for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, has been referred by many authorities as a safe and non-invasive complement treatment for cancer.

PEMF Inhibits Cancer Growth.

Research shows that PEMF inhibits cancer growth by disrupting the mitotic spindle and inhibiting cancer cell division. Furthermore, PEMF therapy modulates gene expression and protein synthesis of specific DNA sequences of cancer cells, which kills existing cancer cells effectively. Furthermore, PEMF therapy can reduce tumor growth by suppressing the formation of blood vessels in tumor tissues.

PEMF Improves Immune System.

PEMF can also balance the immune system with its immunomodulatory effects. Researches show that PEMF therapy can increase the level of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and then induce an anti-tumoral response.

PEMF Reduces Side Effects.

PEMF therapy can relieve the harmful side effects caused by conventional cancer treatments. Dead cells and toxins produced during cancer treatment tend to cause side effects, such as pain, fatigue, diarrhea, etc. PEMF therapy can stimulate the six self-cleansing mechanisms in the body to detox itself from the inside out. So, PEMF therapy can be added to the traditional protocols to increase the effectiveness of available treatments, reduce side effects, and improve the patients’ quality of life.

User-friendly PEMF Device for Cancer Treatment

Big Magic is an affordable and portable PEMF device with a PEMF mat to help with cancer treatment. Big Magic uses a square wave, which can penetrate the cells more easily and more quickly. Compared with other PEMF devices, Big Magic can help with cancer treatment more effectively. Big Magic copies the natural frequency of the earth. Some may also call it the Schumann resonance. Overall, Big Magic is perfectly safe to use and there is no hidden danger through over-use. We recommend placing it on the lesion areas or lying on it for overnight treatment.

Learn more about Big Magic: https://www.miramate.com/product/big-magic/

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