Miramate joint aid miracles for arthrosis

Good morning, i am Elia from Italy. I bought a miramate joint aid just as lunched to help my mother that is 82 years old and suffering about arthrosis since she was 50 years old. She was operated on the herniated disc 25 years ago, she had two operations to insert the titanium hip prosthesis 10 years ago, but she was no longer able to walk well and always with a stick, and a wrist operation for the carpal tunnel, she refuse to operate the other wrist and the scapula because the solution of the doctors is always to operate her. She suffers from joint pains knees, hands, feet especially during the night, and she cannot sleep. The miramate joint aid give her some relief. She uses it every day, and she is happy just for these few months of treatments. I had a spooky Generation X and i have treated her with the cold laser wrist, but it was a little bit complicate for her because of the wire and the generator use. The joint aid is easy to use for an elderly person and it has battery, this motivates her to continue using it every day and see the improvements. Sleeping better, reduce pain, and avoid operations are all miracle gifts. Thank you very much.