Mira Mate’s Mini Magic makes miracles Bursitis in Leg

For over a year my feet have hurt. Then I noticed pain in my outer thigh and low back. I felt I needed a good chiropractor visit. Last summer the chiro gave a whole body adjustment. He said my leg pain was bursitis and my foot was planter fasciitis due to wearing improper shoes with no support (flip flops). He gave little hope the pain would ever go away.

I went to a support shoe store and tried on 30 styles and brands of shoes and purchased 3.

The high arch support shoes brought relief to my feet but the bursitis sharp pain continued.

Not only do I have bursitis in my upper outer thigh but I had knots developing down the leg into my knee and into my hip and low back. I have a physical job and thought I would have to change careers. But now I have hope.

Mira Mate’s Mini Magic arrived. Some nights I use the Mini Magic when I first go to bed for 3-4 hours on my thigh or low back.

This takes the pain away for 3 days. I am noticing the knots disappearing as well. As an added bonus, it is helping the minor pain if varicose veins.

Its great to be active without the pain again! At first it was 1 day of relief but the more I use it, it seems to be extending the time I need it. I am very much loving the mobility of the Mini Magic. I clip the base to my pants or put in a pocket while the coils are strapped to my leg and go anywhere with it. To the store, sleep with it or go anywhere in my house.

Thank you Mira Mate in designing this great product and making miracles happen!!!