Clearly Flash works for bacteria and also is effective against herpes I.

Flash for Herpes Acne and Infection

I have used it in my face for a small incipient lesion from Herpes I, in the lower cheek. I began directly with 30 flashes (full power, without mask), and after an hour the pain was totally gone. The next day the inflammation due to herpes was completely gone (that’s amazing) but the skin became like red cardboard, and some days after that, it peeled off leaving an ugly surface in a circle of 3cm diameter. After 2 days of applying some moisturizer, people can look again at my face without laughing.

I have also used Flash for the acne on my teenager kids. It works nice for pimples, but the dose required to be effective (more than 15 flashes daily) makes the skin very red, and after a couple of days, it peels off, so the perforated mask is a must.

Due to my DM2, wounds heal very slowly, and very easily they get infected. While opening the parcel containing the device, I cut my left thumb with the cardboard. I decided not to apply the antibiotic cream that I always use in a case like this, and to let the wound to infect. The next day, I had a very nice infected cut, painful at the touch, so I began using flash to kill the bacteria all over the cut. I used only 5 flashes per day (that was my first use of flash), and things went worse and worse, so after three days I had to finally apply the antibiotic cream, as the pain was unbearable, and my thumb was like an aubergine. Now I am sure that if I were used 20 flashes daily, the cut would have healed in a couple of days without issues.

Clearly the device works for bacteria, as the pimples disappear in 3 to 4 days, and also is effective against herpes I, as it fried the lesion in only one session (some collateral effects).

I am wondering how well it would work for herpes in the lips, as the lips’ skin is very sensitive. That would be a game-changer, as the herpes labialis is reason enough to get one Flash.