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Advanced Chakra Healing Devices for Domestic Use

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MiraMate Mini Magic – Portable Meridian Coils

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MiraMate Big Magic – Chakra Mat for Health

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Scientific evidence has shown that balancing qi flow is very effective in reducing pain. MiraMate Mini Magic is a portable device that can stimulate qi flow in the meridians to help improve health. It is designed to be used anywhere, anytime.

According to Chinese Medicine, qi is often described as life force or vital energy, which plays a critical role in maintaining optimal health. The smooth flow of qi throughout the body’s meridians is foundational for overall well-being.

By using innovative technology, MiraMate Mini Magic aims to alleviate blockages and restore the harmonious flow.

MiraMate Big Magic is a chakra healing machine with a special mat to apply the healing energy.

MiraMate Big Magic has been optimized for long-term usage as your health companion. It sends natural energy to nurture and restore your health and help with physical and mental problems.

The mat of MiraMate Big Magic is flexible and practical. You can place it under the sheets of your bed. It’s long enough to cover your entire spine if you have a back injury. 

MiraMate Magic Pro combines chakra healing with sound therapy and can help restore energy balance. Magic Pro uses sound chakra healing to provide you with more natural energy. It can charge your entire body using the specially designed, full-body mat.

The advanced sound healing technology gives it unmatched flexibility to use customized programs to meet your specific needs. The full-sized mat can cover your entire body to invoke immersive, full-body rejuvenation.

With MiraMate Magic Pro, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities for your health and well-being.

  • Sleep Problems
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Mood Issues
  • Fatigue and Lethargy
  • Difficulty Concentrating

If you are looking for a full-body chakra healing mat or want to customize the program, Magic Pro is your best option. Watch the video to learn more.

Verified Reviews From Our Customers

MiraMate Mini Magic Is Truly Magical

Following the surgery to fix the detached retina, Maria gradually lost most of her vision. Fortunately, she found Mini Magic at her friend’s healing center and started to use it. To her surprise, just after a half-hour session at night, she found her vision improved the next morning!  Most importantly, Mini Magic brought her a sense of self-empowerment.

Interested in Chakra Healing? Buy our Chakra Healing Kit to get both Mini Magic and Big Magic in a bundle to save $50+!

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