Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and painless treatment for various injuries, bone healing and pains. It has been widely adopted by people in worldwide countries for its security.

Currently, there are more and more PEMF devices with mats sold on the market. You may be confused about which PEMF mat to choose. We chose the top 5 on the market and did some research. Hope it will make your process of finding the best PEMF device much easier.

Below, we list the 5 important things that you need to consider when choosing a PEMF mat. Hope your process of finding the best PEMF mat will be much easier.

Frequency Range

As we all know, the frequency is very important to PEMF devices.

The frequencies of earth’s magnetic field and ionosphere are primarily in the 0-30 Hz range and they exactly match the frequencies of our body, mind, tissues and cells. It’s believed that the vast majority of healing occurs in this frequency range.

Schumann Resonance is the natural heartbeat of Earth. It allows people to experience benefits like body rejuvenation, enhanced memory and improved stress tolerance. If this natural, life-giving frequency is removed from the environment, people experience migraine headaches, depression, and other health problems.

BrandFrequency Range
Vasindux Home MRSY1 – 62.5 Hz
iMRS Wellfit0.5 – 25 Hz
Vasindux Pro 3.00.5 – 963 Hz
Bemer Classic10 or 33 Hz
MiraMate Big MagicSchumann resonance 7.83hz


NASA studies have shown that square wave is effective for cell stimulation and regeneration.

The shorter and sharper waveform in the mat can penetrate the cells easier, faster and improve the blood flow of your body to keep it to the normal condition. The signal within cells will also be stronger.

Vasindux Home MRSYSine wave
iMRS WellfitSawtooth wave
Vasindux Pro 3.0Square / Sine wave
Bemer ClassicSine wave
MiraMate Big MagicSquare wave

Bidirectional Pulse

If the cells and body receive the frequencies applied in one direction for long-term treatments, they won’t be neutralized. It is not good for health. Bidirectional Pulse means the frequency will change directions at specific times. It can make your body maintain equilibrium, and won’t become magnetically charged.

BrandBidirectional Pulse
Vasindux Home MRSYUnidirectional pulse
iMRS WellfitUnidirectional pulse
Vasindux Pro 3.0Unidirectional pulse
Bemer ClassicUnidirectional pulse
Miramate Big MagicBidirectional Pulse

The Material of Mat Cover

The mat of PEMF devices should be designed to be flexible and practical.

The material should be lightweight, easy to clean and better waterproof to suit your daily needs. It also should be used directly on the skin without allergies.

BrandThe Material of Mat CoverFeatures
Vasindux Home MRSYPoly-cottonsoft, lightweight, not easy to clean and not waterproof
iMRS WellfitVinylcomfortable, lightweight, easy to clean, waterproof
Vasindux Pro 3.0Poly-cottonsoft, lightweight, not easy to clean and not waterproof
Bemer ClassicPES fabricresistance to high temperature, lightweight, not easy to clean and not waterproof)
Miramate Big MagicPVC/PUcomfortable, lightweight, easy to clean, waterproof, corrosion resistance

Base Package Price

Most PEMF devices with mats sold in the market are very expensive.

It is highly unrealistic for the normal consumer to buy PEMF devices that can cost up to $5,000 (and in some cases up to $30,000). An affordable price is the first consideration when some people are making choices.

BrandBase Package Price
Vasindux Home MRSY$1,525
iMRS Wellfit$3,250
Vasindux Pro 3.0$2,495
Bemer Classic$4,290
Miramate Big Magic$480